Monday, June 7, 2010

Melody Love

What will the story be?? Just wait a lil bit more~~
As u can see.. I'm gonna use blaqies as the main character but the female characters still not be decided.. Gonna add more as the story begins^^

Yang Seungho:
-24 years old
-Last year at Sejong University
-President of Soccer Club, Art Club
-Best friend with Soyeon, his classmate and childhood friend
-His best buddy, Byunghee a.k.a G.O.. They've promised to become an entertainer together one day.
-Always maintain his cool image and kinda moody

Jung Byunghee (G.O):
-24 years old
-Same class and school as Seungho
-Student of Film Art
-One of important person in Art Club, as the main vocal when it comes to singing
-Seungho's best buddy
-Talkative and random

Lee Changsun (Joon):
-23 years old
-Student of Communication Art at Sejong University
-Member of Soccer Club
- Has a charm that girls will fall for him

Park Sanghyun (Thunder):
-21 years old
-New transfer student from Philippines
-Ulzzang Prince that melts many hearts
-Will be taking over his family business at Philippines when he's graduate
-Everything he does everybody keep thinking that he's just sweet

Bang Cheolyeong (Mir):
-20 years old
-Freshie at Sejong University
-Can't live without his best friends, Park Seungmi and Lee Junghye
-Love to scream

Well.. This is for now.. I'll gonna add the female character later^^

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