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Melody Love: Sheet Twenty Three

Sheet 23: I do..

“Aren’t you going for her wedding?” Seungho asked while they’re all getting ready except for G.O..

“What for?” he answered as he still sitting in front of his pc..
“I wish this day would never come.. I know how you feel..” Seungho said and just leave him alone..


“Smile please~” the make-up person in charge, Miss Kim try to make her smile again.. But also failed.. “I don’t know what is in your mind now but my make-up can’t make this pretty bride looks good if she don’t wanna smile..” she’s sighing..

She then looks around.. “You, please come here.. I hope you can cheer her up.. Since you’re her bestfriend.. I need to go now..” Miss Kim said to Dahyun who keeps standing on the corner from before.. Dahyun just smile and nodded..

Dahyun walks closer.. Naz look at her.. “Well.. Me too.. Don’t really know what so do.. But this is your own choice.. U can cancel it before but you choose to just agree with this.. So, I hope u can slowly adapt with this situation..”
“Thanks Hyunnie.. I don’t know why am I doing this..” Naz replied with a sighed..

Not long after that, someone is knocking the door.. They both looking at the door..

“Can I borrow the bridesmaid for a while?” he asked..
Dahyun turned to Naz.. Naz smile and nodded.. “It’ not too late if u don’t wanna go on with this marriage..” Dahyun said shortly and walked out of the room..

“What do u want? Where’s him?” Dahyun asked..
“I’m sorry.. There’s nothing I can do since he refused to come here today..” Seungho replied..

“Ahhh~ Our plan is just a waste.. Seems like this wedding will just happen even all of us are against it.. I wish I am not here also today..” Dahyun said..
“Don’t say it like that.. We can just planning but the fate will always be that way.. At this time, you can’t leave her alone.. She needs you so much.. Let’s just hope for the miracle..” Seungho replied..


Both of them are getting ready to attend the wedding.. Joon’s looking at his wife who is still in the middle of setting up her hair..

“You.. Do you wanna go with me?” he asked..
“Ne? Waeyo?” she replied shortly and continue applying a hair-spray..

“Ah.. Nothing.. I just wanted to ask.. If.. If you wanna go together with Seungmi and Mir, I won’t say anything.. I understand..” he continued..

Junghye stopped for a while.. She finished her make up and walked close to Joon.. “I.. I will go with u oppa.. We’re husband and wife rite?” she said with a smile..


“Will you, Kim Jae Joong, accept Naz the way she is, protecting her, always being with her and loving her for the whole of your life and only death can separate both of u?”

“Yes, I do.” He answered.. Most of the guest were smiling wide.. But before the ceremony could be continue, suddenly someone is running into the hall..

“I object!” he shouted..

The hall suddenly becomes so silent.. So silent that we can hear his heartbeat.. They’re all waiting for what will happen next..

“I object this wedding..” he said again and walk closer to the couple..
Seungho and Dahyun looking at each other..

“I’m sorry.. But I can’t just let this happen.. She’s the love of my life.. Please be with me, Naz..” he said and kneeling in front of her with a bouquet of flower..
Jaejoong feels uneasy.. He’s staring at both of them.. Naz don’t know what to do.. But deep in her heart, she feels calm..

“Byunghee! Why are you being like this?” she said and pushed the flower that he holds..
Now the guest talking to each other.. This is unpredictable.. Full of voices..

“I’m sorry.. I do love you.. Until now.. But why are you only come at this time? I’ve waited for so long.. And why today? I will just continue with this..” Naz said and holds Jaejoong’s hand..
But Jaejoong’s rejected.. He pushed her hand.. “The wedding can be continue if only both of us agree.. But it can’t because I refused to carry on with this wedding..” he said without looking at Naz..


Jaejoong takes of his coat.. He walked to G.O.. “Take this..” he hand his coat to him.. G.O seems confused.. He still didn’t move.. “I said take it.. And wear it now..” Jaejoong said in a higher tone.. His parents come forward..

“What are you doing?” Mrs. Kim asked him..
“Don’t worry omma, I know what am I doing..” he said to his mum..

He then takes G.O’s hand and bring him to the front, at his place before..
“This wedding will be continue.. But with both of them..” he said..

Naz’s mum stand up.. “Ya! What are you doing?” she asked..
“Ommo-nim.. This is what should have happens..” he replied with a smile and the wedding continued..


“Unni!! Naz unni will throw the flowers.. Come on!” Junghye said to Dahyun.. Dahyun just smile and Seungho then comes closer.. “Make sure u get it..” he whispers.. She’s shocked.. “Ah, shirro! Why should I?” she refusing..

“Kyaaa~ Unni!! Congrats!” Junghye and Seungmi hugged her after the flowers are unknowingly falls right into her arms..

“I thought you don’t wanna get the bouquet?” Seungho teased her.. Dahyun hit him with the bouquet of flowers..

“Dahyunnie.. We can’t change the fate..” Naz also teasing her..
“Well.. I think we might have another wedding ceremony soon..” G.O who is standing beside Naz said to both Seungho and Dahyun.. Seungmi and Junghye laughing..


He opens the door.. But then.. “Aahhhh!!” she shouted.. ‘Bumm!’ he quickly shut the door back..
“I.. I’m sorry.. I thought u’ve done changing..” Joon said as he still standing in front of the room’s door..

“Oppa..” Junghye calls him when she see him sitting on the sofa in front of the tv..
“Ah.. I.. I’m sorry about before..” Joon stuttering..
“Anio.. It’s nothing.. I’m just shocked seeing u so suddenly with me only wearing a towel..” she replied shyly..

“I know we’re still awkward.. I think for this mean time I will stay and sleep on the other room.. Is that okay with you?” he asked..
“I.. I will just follow whatever your decision..” Junghye replied..


“Oppa.. gomawo..” Naz said..
“Kwenchana.. it’s all for our own good in the future.. He is the best for you..” Jae replied..
“But..” Naz couldn’t end her words.. Jaejoong cuts “Shhh.. Don’t say anything.. I don’t wanna see any tears before I leave Korea..” he hold her shoulder..

“And you.. Jung Byunghee.. if I heard that u make her cry, I won’t let u go.. And I will steal her back.. Arasso?” he said to G.O..
“Ne hyung.. Thanks so much.. I hope u will find the love of your life..” he replied.. Jaejoong just smile to both of them and leave for States..

To Be Continued..


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Is this a fanfic ?? Nice ~!

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sakinah: yep^^