Friday, March 23, 2012

The Second Option - Class 06


Princess, have you safely arrived?

-Handsome G.O-
4:42 pm
He really never fails. Each of his words, each of his text messages would lighten up Jiahee’s heart even just for a bit. She smiles as much as the care that has been shows by G.O. The guy that has stolen her heart without she expected.
She wanted to reply as soon as she could but he might think that she likes texting with him that much, she hold it for a while. She wanted to make him worry a bit more before replying.
But then when she get out of her car, she heard someone humming behind her. She turned.
“Wae? Don’t look at me like that. I’m not a ghost.” He broke the silence after seeing Jiahee’s shocked face.
“Do you think I would just let you go home alone? With your injured leg, anything could happen. So I will only satisfy after I see you arrived home safely.” He explained as if he understands what’s in Jiahee’s mind before she could even ask him anything.
“So, how long do you wanna stands there Miss Jiahee?” G.O’s word wakes her up.
“Ah, ne..” she took her bag and closed the door. G.O comes closer. “Can you walk?” he asked.
“No, not again. Of course I can. It’s not that my knee’s broken.” G.O chuckled.
“Are you worried that I will complaint about your weight again?” G.O teased her, she moves her eyes away.
“Let me help you in..” G.O continues. Jiahee’s eyes widen. G.O laughs upon seeing her reaction.
“I mean, I will help you walk. Not carrying you again. Don’t worry.” He clarify and he can see a relieved expression on Jiahee’s face.
“Hyunie! Are you alright?” Joon quickly holds Dahyun’s hand.
“This… Is this really your room?” Dahyun asked in awe.
Joon just wait for her further question. “How come?” Dahyun asked again. This time she turned to him. Want an answer from him.
“W.. Why?” Joon stutters.
“Joonie-ah~ What’s wrong with you? Why are you being like this? Is this really you?” Dahyun continues.
Joon takes a look at his own room. He also don’t know that his room would be this tidy. For some reason he feels relief. No single evidence that Junghye has ever came to his place before.
“So.. Why did you scream just now?” Joon asked her back.
“Who wouldn’t? I mean, look at your room now, I can’t even find single dust here. So perfectly organize!” Dahyun hopped into Joon’s bed happily.
“People can change rite?” safe answer from Joon.
He suddenly comes to Dahyun and sat beside her. “How does it feel? Do you wanna sleep here tonight?” Joon asked with his charming gaze that nobody can resist. Dahyun looks at him. They both exchanging gaze for quite a while.
Joon’s started moving closer, but before he could kiss Dahyun, she throws a pillow to him and jumped off the bed. “Do you think that I will lost in your gaze Lee Changsun?” she shows her tongue and run to the front. Yes, she do lost in her gaze just now but luckily she still can control her mind.
Joon just smiling alone but still, there’s a bit disappointment in his heart. “This is why she is special. She knows what she wants and what she should do.”
“So I think I should get going now.” G.O said after sending Jiahee into the house.
“Yeah, you better go now before Dahyun comes back. I don’t know what to answer if she ask about us.” Jiahee replied and sends G.O to the front door.
“You don’t know the answer or you’re afraid that you will be giving the wrong answers?”
“What are you talking about? No.. There’s no such things.”
G.O smirk. “Okay then. But one day, if you wanted to know the real answer, just ask me. I have all the answers.” He said, almost whispering.
“Ah, before I leave.. It’s not that you’re heavy, it’s just to reduce your embarrassment to be carry by me. And also to avoid the awkward situation. So, don’t skip your meals. You’re already pretty like this. Goodbye princess.” G.O leaves with a smile. He walked away without looking back. Jiahee feels like her face is in fire. His last sentence somewhat makes her heart skipped a beat.
Junghye walking to her office and when she passes the training room, she can hear a familiar music song comes from it. Someone must be dancing inside. She sure that its Joon by hearing the music. She plans to just wait on the outside since the song almost finished.
As she hears a footstep comes to open the door, she stands in front of it. But suddenly the footstep stop and the door still didn’t open. She feels weird and she slowly opens the door.
Yes, someone is there but he’s not Lee Joon. Junghye’s taken aback seeing JR standing in front of her. “You? What are you doing here Jonghyun?”
“JR. It’s JR.. Only people who're close to me can call me by that name.” he replied arrogantly and walked passing her whose still froze.
“And.. Miss, please don’t do things that will break the heart of two.” He said without turning to Junghye.
“Junghye? What are you doing here?” Dahyun comes suddenly.
“Anio, I’ve just walking by here and I see him.” Junghye replied and pointing to JR who’s already far from them.
“Jonghyun? Don’t mind him. His demeanour is like a rebels but he’s genius. He used to skipped classed for about a month but he still get highest grade point. And it’s already good enough if he comes to school.” Dahyun explains.
“Unnie.. You look like you know him so well.” Junghye shows her admiration.
Dahyun chuckles. “I used to be his homeroom teacher for two semesters.”
“Jiahee unni, sorry for disturbing your class but can I talk to you for a moment?” Seungmi said after knocking the door.
“Excuse me for a while. We will continue after this.” she said to the class.
“What is it Seungmi?”
“Aron Kwak is your student rite?”
“Ne. But he still didn’t come to class.”
“This is why I am here. The principal wanted to see you. Something related with Aron he said.” Seungmi explains.
“Really? Aigoo.. I don’t know what will I said to him about this boy. Thanks by the way Seungmi.”
“It’s ok unnie.. But I think you better go now.”
“Jonghyun?” Dahyun’s shocked seeing him in her room.
“Noona.. Don’t you have class?”
“I’ve just finished. How long have you been here?”
“Not that long. Just about 2 to 3 classes.” He answered calmly.
“Yah, Jonghyun-ah.. You’re in your senior year now. Can’t you just sacrifices and stay in your class?” Dahyun organizes her books.
“Because I’m in senior year, I wanted to spend times here more.” He laid his body on the sofa.
“Here? You mean.. my room?” Dahyun asked. JR looks at her with a smile and nodded.
“Jiahee, this is one of our precious students. Make sure you took care of him more.” The principal started.
“What do you mean Mr. Jang?”
“Aron Kwak. His father is one of the biggest donator to our school. Make sure you give him special care. He is now in the waiting room. Take him to the class and don’t ask about his absence last week.” Principal gives his command. Jiahee nodded and make her way to the waiting room after thanking the principal.
‘Suddenly I need to gives full care to this oversea guy. He thinks that he can buy anything with his dad’s money? You still don’t know me Aron.’ Jiahee’s mumbling alone. She feels a bit disappointment that the principal don’t even punish him for being absence. He asked her to just keep silent about the absence instead.
“Mr Aron Kwak?” she asked. Only that guy was in the waiting room.
He takes a look at her once, and nodded.
“Hello, I am your class teacher, Lee Jiahee. If you have any problem just get to me okay?” Jiahee started the conversation but Aron seems like he didn’t interested in it. He just nodded without looking at her. The ipod in his hand attracts him more than Jiahee does. Jiahee started to feel annoyed, but she still can hold herself.
“Okay Aron. Nice to meet you and welcome to my class. Follow me, I’ll show your class.” Jiahee said with a smile. Aron’s eyes still stuck on his ipod. He stands up and put in his headphone.
Jiahee leads the way. ‘This boy really looks like a foreigner. I feel like he will create more troubles than JR does before.’
To Be Continued..

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