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The Second Option - Class 08


“Where’s my phone? Ah.. I’m dead if the students found it..” Junghye anxiously searching for her phone around the office.

“Miss.. I guess this is yours.” Minhyun shows the phone to her. Junghye grabbed it at once.

“You.. you didn’t see anything rite?” Junghye asked in worry. Minhyun shook his head.

“Thanks..” she said gently.

“But miss, next time you should take a good care of things that needed to be hide from everyone. I don’t know what’s inside but I can’t guarantee that others didn’t too.” Minhyun said and leave Junghye.

“What.. What did he mean?”



“Whose phone is this?” Jiyeon asked her classmates.

“Where did you find it?” Dooyoon asked her back.

“Somewhere around here.. But I don’t know this belongs to whom” she replied.

“Why don’t we check it so that we would know the owner.” Eyoung suggested. Jiyeon’s trying to figure out by looking at the photos.

“Eyoung-ah..” Jiyeon calls her. “Wae?”

“Look at this..” Jiyeon shows the phone to Eyoung.

“Ottoke? Isn’t this that new trainee teacher? And that guy is Lee Joon?” Eyoung asked and look at Jiyeon. “I think so too” Jiyeon nodded.

“What is it? Why are you guys so shocked?” Dooyoon come closer and look at the phone screen too.

“Yah! This is that trainee teacher! But I can’t remember her name..” he shouted. The students in that class get closer to see what it is. Baekho see it from far. “Wait, did you guys just said about Junghye? Miss Junghye is that trainee teacher right?” he pushed Dooyoon a bit to see the photo clearer.

“Yes! That’s her name! How did you know?” Dooyoon asked him back. But Minhyun suddenly comes from nowhere and quickly grabbed the phone from Jiyeon’s hand. He runs out of the class immediately. Leaving his classmates in daze.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jiyeon asked.

“Molla. But did you guys see the photo just now? I wonder what will happen to Dahyun if she knows.” Dooyoon said.

“Poor Dahyun teacher. How can that trainee teacher had a scandal with someone else fiancé and she even keep such photo?” Eyoung replied.

“You can’t just blame Junghye, Joon teacher also need to be blame if they both really have something” Baekho replied.


JR’s step stopped when he heard about the news.

“How could he do that while he’s already someone else fiancé.”
“Do you think Miss Dahyun knows about this?”

JR walk closer to those two students. “What are you guys talking about?” he asked.

“Ah, sunbae.. We’ve just heard about Joon teacher and Miss Junghye. Seems like something is going on between them.” She replied.

“How did the rumors spread?” JR asked again.

“We also don’t know but we heard that some of the students found Miss Junghye’s phone with intimate photo of two of them.”

“Thanks.” He thanked them both and runs to find Dahyun.


The school time for that day has ended. While all the students walking out of the school, Jiahee spotted Aron who’s just come out from the class.

“Aron!” she shouted his name.

“Ne?” Aron turns to Jiahee. Jiahee walks closer to Aron.

“I just.. How was your first week?” she asked.

“I guess you’re bad at starting the conversation rite? What is it that you wanna ask me actually?” Aron asked her back.

“No, I really mean it. How was it your first week? Can you adapt to this new surrounding?”

Aron smiles. He leaned his back to the wall. “I think that I need to act cool before and ignore everything so that I will be admired by many girls but after meeting you, my thought changed. I don’t worry about not getting any friend since I already have teacher as nice as you.”

“And.. that guy with a bike that day…?” Jiahee looks at him with a curious look.

Aron chuckled. “Yes, that was me. I know you wanna ask that since what I’ve said that day rite?”

Jiahee smiles. “What a small world. You know, I wanna search for your house that day but I gave up after the incident. And you! Why don’t you help me? Is this what have you practice living oversea? Just leave the person after you’ve bumped into her?”

“Are you holding grudge towards me?” Aron asked followed by laughs from both of them.

“I do want to help you but when I see your boyfriend, I think I need to just disappeared before your boyfriend beat me.” He explained.

“My boyfriend?”

“Yup, that guy who carried you that day.” Aron replied.

“You saw that too? Aigoo.. That was embarrassing..”

“It’s too cute..” Aron said shortly.

“What?” Jiahee widen her eyes.

“Is this allowed? Can I say that my teacher is cute when she’s embarrassed?”

Jiahee feels like her face blushed. “I feel like going out this evening. Can you show me places around here?” Aron changed the topic intentionally to avoid the awkward situation.

“Me? Will your dad allowed me to ‘kidnap’ you?” Jiahee asked.

“What do you think if I said that I will be going out with my teacher? Do you think that my parents would say no?”

“Okay then. So, let’s go now?”


“Kwenchana?” he asked as soon as he arrived at Dahyun’s room.

“Ne?” Dahyun amazed. JR closed the door and walk closer to Dahyun.

“Noona, do you really not know or you just don’t wanna talk about it?” JR looks deeply into her eyes.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Just go back home Jonghyun..” she replied and packed her things up.

“Didn’t Joon said anything to you?” JR asked but Dahyun just ignore him and do her work.

“Are you for real? About Junghye.. and the photo?” JR can't stand it anymore. This time Dahyun flustered. After hearing about the photo, she froze at once.

“What.. What are you talking about? Don’t talk nonsense.” She acts like she didn’t know anything. But her eyes tell differently.

JR grabbed her hands. “You hear about it right? So why did you act like you don’t know? Why did you wanna run away from this thing?” Dahyun can’t hold it in anymore. She burst into tears.

“I don’t know what to do. I just don’t think that I can talk about this in front of anyone. I’m weak.”

JR also doesn’t know what to do. He just let her cried at his shoulder for a while. At least she would feel better after that.

Meanwhile, Joon whose standing in front of Dahyun’s room hears everything. He wanna wait until JR left and but he decide to just forget his intention after seeing them both like that. He has strange feelings where he feels guilty towards Junghye too. ‘She must have faces with troubles too after the photo being spread. Dahyun is lucky to have JR and Jiahee who will always be beside her. But what about Junghye? How will she faced all of this alone?’ he left just like that.

“Sorry..” Dahyun seems calmer than before. “I shouldn’t show this side of me to my student.” She wiped her tears and turns. JR holds her shoulder “I feels like I need to protect you noona.” JR said.

“No, don’t pity me. I don’t need symphaty. It’s getting late, go back now Jonghyun.” She replied and pushes his hand slowly.

“I won’t until I see you smile again. Come noona, follow me!” he holds Dahyun’s hand and leads her somewhere.


“I’m sorry..” Joon startled seeing Junghye inside the house.

“No, no need to be worried. Are you alright?” Joon asked her. Junghye didn’t answer, only a nod comes from her. She can’t even lift her face up because she really feels miserable.

“I loved you too much. I never know I would cause trouble to you this much. Will you hate me if you lost your job and fiancée because of this?”

“Things happen for a reason. So don’t do something crazy, because I wouldn’t hate you no matter how much trouble have you caused.” Joon said. Calm and he seems ready to face with whatever the consequences.

“Why wouldn’t oppa hate me? I hate myself more for doing this.”

“I wouldn’t hate whoever that loves me.. Including you Junghye..”

To Be Continued..

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