Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nu'est Teaser - FACE

Okay guys, the hotness now is nearer. (Well for me and other playgirlz, we have been waiting for this since last year. Lol) . Are you ready to meet those cutie boys in high school? Follow me, say YEAH! *okay, ignore me. I'm not in the rite mind*

Nu'est has come out with their 1st single teaser titled "Face". The music sounds catchy and you couldn't stop hitting the replay button once you played it. They will make a debut on March 15th and let's show some love to them all. Go boys!

They have released all the members teasers! Aron , JR , MinHyunREN and BaekHo !!
If you guys wanna know all of them more, go check my previous post here ^^

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