Monday, February 27, 2012

The Second Option - Class 04


“I.. I.. save me please oppa..” she’s stutter. Panting.  “What happen? Come in first.” Joon help her in.


“Here” Joon gives her a cup of coffee. “Sorry for disturbing you this late.” She take a sip of her coffee.
“It’s okay. Come, let me send you home after this?”
“No! Just please don’t. Please oppa, let me be here for tonight.” she’s begging. Looking at him deep in his eyes.
“But.. But I’m living alone. How about I send you to Dahyunie’s place?”
“I don’t wanna trouble her and Jiahee unni. Please oppa, I promised I’ll just stay here silently without anyone knowing. I will just sleep here. In this living room. “ Desperately, Joon just can’t say no. So he just  gives a pillow and blanket to her. He really is in blank, well who’s not when suddenly a girl asked to stay in his place and there’s just two of them in there.


“In a month from now, our school will take part in couple dance competition, so we want to find a couple dancers who will represent our school. Me and Joon-ssi is in charge to trained and polish your talent after we found one.” Dahyun gives a short explanation to the students.

“But before that, what if we see couple dance from this experts? Lee Joon and Dahyun-ssi is the best couple dancer in their college before” Junghye suddenly comes from nowhere. Joon and Dahyun looking at each other but they couldn’t anything since that training room has become so loud, full of the students voices demanding for the couple dance by them both.

As the first beat of Orange Caramel’s song titled One Love started, both Dahyun and Joon looks so deep in their part. Their performance finally finished and the students were making so much noise because of their chemistry while they were dancing was so visible. Dahyun can feel that her face blushed, performing in front of her students after a long time with a guy that now is her fiancé.

Joon thinks that it just that, but that isn’t over yet. “I am also the best dancer in my college, so if you don’t mind, could you dance with me Lee Joon-ssi?” Junghye suddenly asked him in front of the students and also in front of Joon’s fiancée. That training room becomes silent at once. All of their eyes are now focusing at Joon to see what will be his reaction. Dahyun force herself to be calm. Joon isn’t able to give the answer. He slowly moves his eyes to Dahyun.

“Dahyun unni wouldn’t mind rite? This is just to show the students about the standard that we want.” Junghye continue and get closer to Joon.

At the other side, seeing Dahyun like that, he just couldn’t let it be. “Wait! It wouldn’t be nice if Dahyun noona just stay there. I will be her partner for this short while.” JR stepped in. He knows that Joon will be mad at him but he just couldn’t let this be. Seeing his favourite teacher, or to be precious, the woman that he fall for hurting like that in front of him, he really can’t just stay still.

Joon and Junghye dance full of enthusiasm. Like something has gotten into Joon. But Dahyun take it as just an act because of his jealousy.


“Ah~ so tired. Why should he be in my class? Aigoo.. Almost a week and he doesn’t even showed up. And now I need to be a busy body and find his details.” Jiahee is muttering alone while digging some information at the computer’s lab. But it stop when her phone beeping.

Hello Princess~

-Handsome G.O-
12:30 pm

As if the text message is a strong wind which can blown away all of her problems, she smile widely.

Is it night already?
I thought you said that you’ll just text me to wish good night? =p

12:32 pm

She is hiding the fact that she is actually always waiting for his text message. Now that she is refreshed and she feels like she is getting 100% energy gained.
Aigoo~ Waiting for night to come just feel too long. I am tired of waiting~ By the way, have you had your lunch?
-Handsome G.O-
12:34 pm
“Now what G.O-ssi? You wanted to ask me out?” she talked alone.
So now you will be texting me every meal time? Aigoo.. I am annoyed now. Can I turned to be a witch and spell you to buy me a meal everyday?
12:36 pm

That should be a punishment but for G.o is just turned to be his lucky day. Now he can proceed to the next move. By using the “spell” that she was talking about as an excuse, he can asked her out!
“Dahyun noona.. Can I come in?” JR asked after he knocked the door. Dahyun just smile and nodded.
“Kwenchana?” he asked.
“Ne?” she’s puzzled
JR smirks. He took a book from Dahyun’s table and sat in front of her. “I know I’m just your student but I am not just a student. I’m a guy too. I might not be the same as others. I hope everything between you and Lee Joon is going fine.” He said while looking at the book on his hand.
Dahyun froze for a while. She knows that JR is not the same as her other students, she really can sense it right when he said that he wanna be her dance partner just now. But she just can’t accept this fact and continue to act like she doesn’t.
“What are you talking about? Just get in your class now Kim Jonghyun.” She replied and continues her work.
“Noona, you’re not just a teacher to me. You know it right? The fact that starting from the time that I called you ‘noona’ and not ‘teacher’, you should know that I am not considering you as a teacher. But more than that.” He continues.
Dahyun takes a deep breath. “Thanks for taking care about me. But this is just not the right time. I have a class now. I need to go.” She arranged all the books in her table.
JR placed the book that he took before at the original place. He slowly walks out.
“Jonghyun!” Dahyun calls him. He smiled and turned back.
“Don’t skipped classes again this year.”
“And noona, please be my homeroom teacher to control that.” He replied and continue walking away.
Dahyun smiling alone and continue organizing things in her table.
“What’s with this noona stuff?” Joon comes in.
“Something is going on between you two right?”
“I don’t have time for this now. We’re still in a school time, so please hold it until we finished our work time. Please Lee Joon-ssi. Don’t make this thing worst as it is actually was.” Dahyun said and walking away without waiting for his replied.
“So you are Aron Kwak.. And was born in L.A? Just wait for a while, I’ll go meet you oversea boy~ Well, quite good looking..” Jiahee’s talking alone while looking at Aron’s photo on his record book.
But after staring at his picture for a while, “Wait, why did his face looks like G.O? Ahhhhh~ What’s wrong with my eyes now? I am the one who casted a spell, and why did I feel like I’m on his spell? Aigoo.. What has you do Prince G.o?”
To Be Continued..

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