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The Second Option - Class 02


“Jiahee~ Let’s not cook for today? Feels like going out for eat. What say you?” Dahyun is making the most innocent face that she can to make Jiahee agree with her.

“What’s wrong? This bride-to-be don’t wanna practice today?” Jiahee teased her. Dahyun’s pouting followed by laughs from Jiahee. “Okay dear, if it is for you then it’ll always be okay.” Dahyun’s taken aback. That is what Joon always said to her. And how did Jiahee knows?

“Ya, did you date Joonie?” Dahyun looks suspiciously into Jiahee’s eyes. “Wae? Jealous?” Jiahee played with her.

 “Ohhhh~ Please don’t babe. You know how much I love both of you” Jiahee’s giggled. “Don’t worry babe, I’ve just overheard what Joon said to you that day. So do you wanna go out or not? Go get change!”


 After having their meals and walking around the shopping complex, both of them walked out of the mall to the parking space. Jiahee suddenly stopped.

“Ya, did you tell Joon that we’re going out together?”
“No, why?”
“I’m just worried that he will come to our house and when he see nobody there, then I will be the one he investigated for.”

Dahyun laughs. “Don’t worry, I hope he wouldn’t call until we arrived home.”
They continue walking to the car until.. 

“I’m not joking now” Dahyun can spot that Jiahee’s voice seems panicked.
“What’s wrong?”
“Molla, I couldn’t start the engine.”
“Let’s see what’s wrong first.” Dahyun suggested and both of them get off the car.

“So, I need to call Joon now?” Dahyun hesitated. Jiahee looks at her, she’s nodding in force. But then, “Dahyun? Jiahee?” a guy called them from behind.

“Seungho-shi?” Jiahee and Dahyun said in unison.
“Please drop the –shi thing and just comfortably call me Seungho. So, what’s wrong?” Seungho comes closer.
“I don’t know but suddenly the engine cannot be started.” Jiahee replied.

“Seungho-ah, don’t you wanna introduce me here?” his friend patted his shoulder.
“Ah, ye. This is my housemate, G.o.”

“Ok ladies. Just leave this guy here. He really is good in things like this. Come have a drink while he is doing his work.” G.o really is talkative. How could he be so warm even with the person that he just knows for about 5 minutes? But that is just to reduce the nervousness and panic in both of the girls feeling.

Seungho can’t stay still. He comes to both of them and drag g.o with him to see the problem. “I’m sorry on his behalf. Just make yourselves comfortable and ignore this guy.” Seungho said to them both in low tone but still can be heard by G.O.

“Ya! Talking bad on me?” G.O comes with his “serious” face. Dahyun and Jiahee laughs seeing both of them. “See! I’ve made them live again!” G.o proud of himself to reduce the nervousness and stressful looks in Jiahee's face and Seungho just let him be while he continue with his work.

“I’m done!” Seungho shouted. Dahyun quickly stands up. 

“Looks like you’re in rush to go home?” Seungho asked. “No, it’s just.. I need to go back early.” Lucky that she still can control her words. The truth is she worried that Joon will call her and asked where she is. “We have Cinderella here. She needs to return home before dinner time or else she will be in trouble.” Jiahee teased. Dahyun hit her lightly. Seungho just nodded, seems like he understands why.

“So, Jiahee-shi, you owe us a dinner rite?” G.O said without hesitation. Seungho pushed him after seeing Jiahee is in shocked. “No, mind this guy. I don’t want any paid.”

Jiahee and Dahyun burst in laugh, “Yes if you do G.O-shi. Let’s have dinner together someday.”

That might be a simple thanks from Jiahee but it means a lot to the guys.


Monday, January 2012.

Dear diary,
My first day on this semester went not as smooth as I wanted to but yeah, can I said that its better than what I’ve planned? Meeting him in person just boost my confident level to be close to him more. Can’t wait to see him again!


“Hyunie, have you seen my phone?”
“Nope. Wae?”
“I think I’ve misplaced it. Can you dial my number to check it?”

Dahyun calls Jiahee number but no replies. “Have you check it in your car?”
“I do, but nowhere to be found. I think I’ve lost it somewhere.”
“Wait, I’ll try call it again. You go check if you hear the ringtone.”

While searching in her room, Jiahee’s disrupted by Dahyun’s voice. “Hee-ah! Come here quickly!” Someone is answering the phone.

Yeobseyo?” Dahyun greet carefully.
Yeobseyo. Dahyun-shi?” a guy’s voice shocked them.
Ne. And who are you?”
“It’s me. Seungho. This belongs to Jiahee rite?”
“Ah~ Thank God its you. So let’s meet up somewhere?” Dahyun suggested.
“No, how can Cinderella be out at time like this. She would be in trouble rite?” Seungho teased her. Feels like something is hitting her head.
“Stop bringing up that thing oppa.” Jiahee’s eyes widen and Dahyun covers her mouth after realizing that she just called him “oppa”. That word just slipped out her mouth. She didn’t usually called someone as oppa when they’re still awkward with each other. And at the other end, he’s amazed too. But he acts like he didn’t care.

Don’t worry, I’ll make a delivery to your house. Just give me the address. And.. can I save your phone number Dahyun-shi?” there is hesitation in his voice even he already tried his best to hide his nervousness.

Dahyun’s heart skipped a beat. “Ne. It is easier for you to call me to find a way to our house.” She arranged her words carefully to not making her excitement become so obvious.

Ok, see you then. I’m hanging up now.” Seungho ends the conversation.
“So, how about Lee Joon oppa?” Jiahee suddenly talked. “Stop teasing me!!” Dahyun chased Jiahee around the house.


‘Knock Knock’

“Go open the door. Your Seungho oppa sure is quick.” Jiahee ordered Dahyun. “Wae? Why me? Its your phone so you should go open the door.” Dahyun replied as she don’t wanna missed her favourite tv program. “Aigoo this girl. It would be awkward if I welcomed him. So pleaseeee Dahyunie~” Jiahee pleading. 
She actually see how happy Dahyun is when he asked to save her phone number just now and she just wanna gave some time for her to get to know him. 

“Aish. Arasso. I will go. Just stay here silently.” Dahyun gives up and opened the door. But its not Seungho who’s waiting outside. It is “Joonie?”

“Surprise! You didn’t cook tonight rite? I know you because today is the first working day in this year. And I’ve made something for us to eat together.”

Dahyun still froze, why he must come here tonight. Why among all of the day, today is the day that Jiahee’s phone gone missing. Why must today she ask Jiahee to eat out.

“Don’t you wanna let me in?” Joon asked sweetly. “Ah, ne.. Come in. Why don’t you call me first?”

“Wae? Didn’t I said that this is a surprise? It wouldn’t be surprise anymore if I call you first rite?” Joon pinched Dahyun’s cheek.

A little later, Dahyun’s phone ringing. “Yeobseyo? Ne, Seungho-shi..

To be continued..

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