Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Second Option - Class 03


“You’re already in front of my house?” Dahyun eyes widen and she turns to Joon. Hearing that, Joon’s heart seems to stop for a while. But he pretends to ignore Dahyun’s gaze. He keeps organizing foods for their dinner.

“Ne, am I disturbing you? Sorry for coming so suddenly but your house is not too far from mine so I can easily found the way here.”

“A..Anio. Just wait there, I’ll open the door.”

Before she could explain anything, Joon comes closer. “Seems like this surprise is not in the right time. I guess I need to leave now. You are busy right? Don’t forget to eat that with Jiahee.” Joon said everything without giving Dahyun chance to speak. He took his coat and leaves. Dahyun froze.

“Ah, so you’re here Lee Joon. I just” Seungho couldn’t finished his words because Joon is walking without even taking a single look at him.

“Sorry for making you wait so long.” Dahyun appears few seconds later. She’s trying being as calm as she can to make a good impression from this new friend. She couldn’t let him see that she’s having trouble with her fiancé.

“Is everything okay?” the first word from Seungho after he came in. Dahyun’s taken aback but still she acts calm. “Ani.. Would you like some drink?” she tries to run away from Seungho’s question. Seems he is suspecting something happens between them. Seungho’s smiling.

“If somebody makes this Cinderella cries, even her own Prince Charming, I would never let him go.” Childish promise but it really is deep. Dahyun’s moved. She can’t really looks into Seungho’s eyes or else her weak eyes will be filled by tears.


So, I’m ready for the punishment. T_T

10:13 pm

*sends* Dahyun flipped her phone in sighed. She should have tell him the truth about Jiahee’s car, about meeting Seungho in the middle of them having trouble, about Jiahee’s phone suddenly gone missing. And top of all is she should have told Joon that she is going out with Jiahee that evening. She hates herself for being so independent. She hates herself that cannot stands to tell the truth when Joon is in bad mood. Well, maybe Joon is wrong too for being too possessive and controlling her too much but as she agrees to be his fiancée, that means that she needs to accept him the way he is, and trying to live with that kind of guy.

Amidst of her flying in her own perceptions, the phone vibrates.

I’ll be waiting at the café after school.

10:16 pm

 Replying like this. He really is in a bad mood. Making her feels more regret.

On the other side, Jiahee spots something weird in her phone. “This.. this isn’t mine!” she really knows her phone chain well because she bought it with Dahyun to have the same phone chain together. The only different is hers is blue while Dahyun’s is red. How can her blue flower-shaped phone chain is now becoming blue key-shaped chain? She wanted to asked Dahyun but after thinking of what have her housemate gone through just now, making her to just forget it.


Hello princess.^^
Sorry for disturbing you this late but I just couldn’t sleep if I don’t wish you good night. And I will always sending good night wish for you starting from today. I hope you wouldn’t regret meeting me this evening.

-Handsome G.O-
12:24 am

Jiahee burst in laughter after reading his text message. ‘and he put Handsome G.O on his own? This guy really is something. Wonder when will he be serious.’

Hello ‘Prince’ G.O. You sure are fast. To not making me annoyed with your wishes, you need to treat me someday. Arasso?

12:26 am

G.O is jumping quietly in his room. He just don’t know where he get the courage from but he just couldn’t let time flies without him doing anything.

So just like that, they both started to replying texts because of G.O’s hilarious first try.


“J..Joon.. I’m here.” Worried cannot be hide anymore. She just stands beside the table. Waiting for Joon to greet her. Joon stand up, facing her. The space between them was only about 10cm. She clears her throat.

“Just give me time to explain.” Without looking at Joon she managed to push out those words. Joon put his finger to Dahyun’s lips. She’s taken aback. Widening her eyes and forcing her eyes to meet Joon’s. A smile curved on his face.

 “I know everything already. Do you really think that I’ll gonna go beat Seungho? I am not that crazy to start things without knowing the real truth first. He tells me everything.” His voice sounds so calm. Plus with his sweet smile and charming gaze, Dahyun automatically hugged him. So happy that she could see that expression again.

“But! You will still be punished because you are going out with Jiahee without me. How could Jiahee is in first list before me?” his childish reason, but this is his charm.

“So you are being jealous of Jiahee? Ok, now you become a girl and let Jiahee be the man. Can you?” She narrowed her eyes. To see what will be Joon’s reply.

“Me? Being a girl? Aish.. Do you wanted to see this muscle man in mini skirt and pink tube?” His face is so serious as if he should really be the girl. Dahyun’s eyes teary. Laughing too much imagining this guy wearing girls outfit.

“But wait. If I become a girl, then I could share a room with you rite?” his eyes become naughty looking at his fiancée. Dahyun could not say anything. But she can feel that her face blushed. Joon’s laughing. “Don’t worry, I don’t need to wear girl clothes since I’ll be sharing everything with you once we married” he whispered and get up to pay the bill.


He wanted to turn off the lamp but suddenly..

Knock Knock

“Junghye? What are you doing here this late?” 

To be continued..

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