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The Second Option - Class 07


“Oppa~!” Joon’s taken aback after he opens the door.
“Wha..what do you want?” he stutter. Junghye just smiling widely and get into the house. Joon is still in daze.

“This is not right. You might have the key but.. but you couldn’t just come in if the owner doesn’t give the permission.” Joon tries to make her understand.

“It’s not that I am a stranger. You know me, I know you. So, what’s the problem? Plus, I didn’t do something bad here.” Junghye replied at once while her hands busy organizing Joon’s thing on the living room.

Joon scratch his head. He’s blank. Don’t even know what he should do in time like this. But he feels that she’s unique in some ways. He takes a deep breath, and tries to think right. He get close to Junghye and hold her shoulders.

“Listen, even if we know each other, but for the sake of manners, or to be deeper well manners are essential to us teachers. And we didn’t even get to know each other that close until you get the authority to access my house just anytime you want. Arasso?” he said those words clearly but in a soft tone, hoping that she can accept it. Their eyes met for quite a while.

“And Junghye, you know that I am somebody else fiancé rite? So, you must know that it isn’t nice if people see us together in the house. Just the two of us.” Joon continues.

Junghye pushes Joon away gently. She lowers her head. “What if..” she paused. She took her cell phone, “What if a woman knows that her fiancé slept with other woman who is younger than her?”

“Wha..What do you mean?” Joon’s stutters. Junghye shows the photo on her phone to Joon. Joon’s taken aback and pushes Junghye’s phone unknowingly. He’s become numb by shock. “How did you get that?”


“Good morning!” a familiar voice greets Jiahee from her back.

“You? Why are you here?” Seungho chuckled from the other side.

“Aigoo.. At least reply my good morning first.” G.o sighed. Words from G.O make Dahyun laughs too.

“Sorry. Good morning Byunghee. So, what are you doing here?”

“Now I got the answer. We fight this morning because he won’t let me go to school by my own car. This is the reason why is he so determined to send me here.” Seungho explains.

“Do you get the answer now princess?” G.O continues but with that ‘princess’, both Seungho and Dahyun were taken aback.

“What?” Jiahee asked Dahyun. “Ehem.. Nothing.. I think I better go first. Isn’t it Seungho-ssi?” she gave a signal to Seungho and drag Seungho together with her leaving both of them.

“Ah~ What has happen here?” G.O grinned.

“Mianhe Jiahee.. That word just slipped out of my mouth out of control.”

“Now how can I face those two after what have you done just now.” Jiahee heave a sigh.

G.O faces Jiahee. “Jiahee-ah, I will help you clear the things up. So I hope you and Dahyun will agree to go out with me and Seungho. I will explain everything to them.”

“Really?” Jiahee asked him back. G.O gives his calm smile and nodded. “Does this count as a yes from you?” G.O continues.

“Set the date, if my schedule at that time is free, then the answer will be yes.” She said and leaves G.O alone. G.O smiles. When he confident that Jiahee is far enough, he shouted.. “YES!”


“Jonghyun is the one rite? Don’t you think he has all the criteria that we’re seeking for?” Dahyun asked while still checking all the papers in front of her. Joon didn’t answer.

“Joonie-ah, did you hear what I say?” she touches Joon’s shoulder. Joon’s shocked. “What? What is it?” he asked her back.

Dahyun smile and look into his eyes. “What’s wrong with you dear? Do you have any problems?” she asked gently.

“Anio. What about Jiyoung? Don’t you think that her dance was amazing that day?” he said, tried to run away from Dahyun’s question. Dahyun wrinkled her forehead. She feels like Joon is changing day by day.

“So you pick Jiyoung? Okay then. Do you think that she will make a great couple dancer with Jonghyun?”

“I know you will choose him. He’s your favourite student rite?” there’s jealousy from his voice. Dahyun burst into laugh. Joon look at her. “Why?”

Dahyun clears her throat. “Nothing. Don’t say that you are surrounded by jealousy?” she laughs again.

“Shut up. I am worried. Anything might happen you know.” Joon replied.

“Okay, anything might happen. But he is way younger than I am. And he is our student. Does it make sense that I will have something with him?” Dahyun clarify.

“It doesn’t matter how much young he is by you but anything might happen if he has a crush on you. He can do anything.” This time his voice is softer but the words are real. 

Dahyun can feel that it comes straight from his heart. She takes a look at him deeply. “You know that I’ve choose you. And you do realize that our wedding day is getting nearer rite? Do you think that I will leave you just because of a school boy? Everything will end after we married. Trust me Lee Joon.” She finished her words with a smile curved for her beloved fiancée. She planted a kiss on Joon’s cheek before leaving him.


“This is the instruments room. You have the key rite? You can come here whenever you want. But if you have any problems or anything to ask, just ask us arasso?” Jiahee said to Junghye. Junghye has been given a task to take care of the instruments room and all the things inside it by the principal.

“Thanks unni. I’ll need a help from you guys.” Junghye said and bows a bit to Jiahee.

“It’s okay. You’re still new here. So I think everyone will help you if you ask to. I need to go now.” Jiahee said and left Junghye alone in front of the room.

Junghye tries to spin the door’s knob but it’s not locked. “Why is this room unlocked?” she feels weird and get into the room slowly. Suddenly she hears someone plays the piano. She hides behind the cupboard which places not far from the piano. She can’t get to see who’s there since the piano’s lid covers that person’s face. After his last note, he closes the lid and ready to leave but Junghye’s cell phone suddenly beeping.  Junghye closed her eyes. When she opens her eyes, she can see a guy with perfect high and look, even his pose in front of her was just like a model. Seeing Junghye’s expression like that, he get closer and lower his head to the same height of her face. Junghye can’t go anywhere since she laid her body on the wall and the guy was so close to her.

“Are you a new student?” he asked.

“No.. I am not.. I am.. I’m a teacher.” Junghye stutters.

“Opps! Mianhe teacher. How can you be a teacher at such young age.” He asked and stands formally now. “Please excuse me Miss..?”

“Junghye.. Lee Junghye..” she answered while her hands tidying her hair.

“Excuse me Miss Junghye. Until we meet again.” He said and leaves.

“Is he a student? How can a student have a face and body like a celebrity? And how can he be way matured than I am?” Junhye’s talking alone.

“But his piano skill is amazing. And.. I didn’t even know his name? Aigoo. Junghye-ah~ If this continues, you will end up get bullied by your students you know? Aish~” she’s whinning.


“Hwang Minhyun. He is Hwang Minhyun.”

“So that guy is student here?” Junghye asked.

“Ne, he always in his own world. Just like JR. Sorry I forgot to tell you about him. If JR always spends his time dancing, Minhyun will always be in front of the piano. So don’t feel weird if you always see him there.” Jiahee explains.

“I see. Thanks for the info unni.”

“I’ve talked to the principal and he gives permission to you to choose anyone of us here to be with you monitoring that room for the beginning. You can choose either me or Dahyun, or even Lee Joon and Seungho.” Jiahee continues.

“Really? You’re daebak unni!”


On her way back from the class, she sees someone sitting on the stair with his headphone on. Jiahee walk closer to him and sat beside him. He shows a shocked face but then continues looking at his phone.

“Even if the principal said that you will get special treatment, I won’t easily give it. Phone is not allowed at school time!” she said firmly and snatches Aron’s phone. Aron throws a sharp look.

“Er, sorry. But you need to follow the rules since you’re now a student here.” Jiahee flustered.

Aron pick his bag and stands up. “Wait! I’ll let you go since this is your first week. Please try to understand and follow the rules.” She gives back his phone.

Aron lower her head, “Thank you Miss. I know what I should and what I shouldn’t do here. I don’t need anybody to tell me what I should do. I am adjusting myself, it takes time to change when you moved to another place.” He replied.

“And, sorry for your injured knee. Tell me if something bad happen because of your knee. I will pay for it.” He continued.


“You choose me? I thought you will choose Jiahee?” Dahyun asked Junghye after she get the order from principal.

“Ne unni. Jiahee unni seems busy with her new transfer student and I don’t think I can work well with Seungho and Joon oppa. So I think you’re the best choice. I hope this didn’t trouble you.” Junghye replied.

“Of course, I don’t mind. I’ll do my best to help you. Okay, I’ll go first. Just call me if you need anything ne?” Dahyun said.

“Arasso. Gomawo unni.” Junghye sends Dahyun to her office and thanking her.

But inside of her mind, she definitely has one exact reason why she is choosing Dahyun. ‘Because you’re Joon oppa’s fiancée. No other than that. I need to know you better Dahyun unni.’

To Be Continued..

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