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The Second Option - Class 05


“Dahyunnie? Don’t you wanna go back home?” Jiahee patted her shoulder.
“Ne? Ah, you just go home first. I have something with Joon” Dahyun seems like just come back from her dream.

“Why? Something is wrong? Did his jealousy disrupt you again?”

Dahyun smile. Jiahee must think that she’s choosing a wrong person because Joon’s jealousy always giving troubles to her but she will always turn back to him. She also doesn’t know why but they both have many things in common and she can understand why Joon is acting like that. Just sometimes Joon acts like he’s younger than her and she thinks that she needs to always be with him to drive him back.
“Don’t worry about me, I’m a grown up now and I can settle this by myself. Just go home and cook something delicious for me yah?”

Jiahee looks deeply in her eyes. She can feel that her bestfriend has many things in her mind rite now. She just hope that Dahyun will share some of her troubles with her too because Dahyun is just like her twin sister to her as they known each other for a quite long time.

“If it’s like that then I’ll go first. If Joon did anything to you just quickly shout my name and I’ll be there.” Her simple joke makes Dahyun laughs a bit.


“Oppa..” she calls him slowly from the front door.
“Ah.. Why.. why are you here?” Joon stutter.

“Why are you being like this oppa? I’m working here also, so it shouldn’t be weird if you see me around here rite?” Junghye’s observing the training room.

“Anio. It’s just.. The work time has passed and everyone has back home so.. I’m just wondering why are you here.” Joon’s packing his stuff.

“Oppa~ Have you done dancing? I’m here just to see your dance.” Junghye sits beside him.

“I promised Dahyun to meet her after this.” Simple and he hopes that Junghye will just leave him there.

“Unni was so lucky to be the one that you choose. By the way oppa I need to show you this..” Junghye is searching for something in her bag.

“This..” she took out a key.

“That.. How…?” he lost for words.

“How was this key be with me? Oppa, you’re leaving so suddenly this morning. I just do what I should and so that is why your house key was with me.” Junghye explained.

“Thanks but can I have my key back?”

Junghye smirks. She got closer to Joon “You have to meet Dahyun unni rite? Well, I’ll just leave now. And.. Until we meet again oppa” Junghye puts the key back into her bag and leaves Joon dumbfounded.

“This girl is really.. Aish.. The spare key is with Dahyunie and what will I said to her about my lost key? Aigoo” Joon scratch his head. He suddenly feels guilty about what had happen this morning. He just hope that Junghye wouldn’t tell anyone. Especially Lee Dahyun.


“I know you will be here.” Dahyun stands at the front door, waiting for him to say something.
Joon just stare at her silently. No words from them both. But Joon is now walking slowly closer to Dahyun. Dahyun lowers her head. She waits for him to express his feeling but he stops rite in front of her, with the space between them both just few centimeters away.

“Joonie-ah.. I..” before Dahyun could finished her words, Joon suddenly hugged her tightly. Dahyun’s amazed.

“Mianhe.. Mianhe Hyunie.. Please don’t leave me.” Joon whispers while still hugging her tightly.

Dahyun’s taken aback. What has he done? Joon will never apologize except he really do something that demands him to.  In her confusion, Dahyun still hugged him back. “Whatever it is, I will always be by your side..” she replied.

Joon pushed her back slowly. He wanna looks into her eyes but he can’t. Afraid that she would caught him hiding something. He looks down. “I’m really sorry. I promise I will act like a grown up now. I will be responsible for things that I’ve done.”

Dahyun touches his face. “Joonie-ah, what’s with this continuously apologizing. You didn’t do something bad rite?” Joon breathe deeply.  He tries to calm himself. He looks at Dahyun and he hugged her again. “Just promise me you wouldn’t leave me.” Dahyun feels weird but still, she promise to always be with Joon because she can’t stand seeing him like that.

At the other side, the one who is observing them from before.. “I’ll wait for the day you will come to me. You still don’t know me, Lee Joon..” She talked alone and leaves


Dahyun is laughing after he said that he wanted his spare key.  “Wae? Stop laughing Hyunie!”
Dahyun clears her throat. “Okay, I’m being serious now. So, you’re apologizing at the training room back then was just because of your key is missing? Aigoo~”

“No! It’s just..” Joon paused. He almost said the things that he wanna forget. Dahyun waits for him to finish his words.

 “It’s just.. This is my second time my key is missing and I don’t want you to mad at me.” He success but he added more lies! He knows that he will die if Dahyun founds out that he’s lying to her.

Dahyun’s giving an intense look to Joon. He’s sweating. “Hm.. You still didn’t tell me how you lose your key? But you don’t need to.. Just bring me there and I will go checked on your home before I hand this key to you. Can I?”

‘I’m in trouble!’ Joon thought inside. “Yeah, sure..” he replied and continue driving.

Dahyun also feels something weird because Joon didn’t brought up matters between her and JR before. Why is he looks so worried? She knows Joon isn’t really good at lying. So she just wanted to make Joon calm down and tell her if he ever done something is wrong.


“Aigoo.. Where is this place? Serve yourself rite Jiahee. Why are you so bold to come here alone? Why can’t you wait for Dahyun to accompany you here? It’s hard finding someone’s house that you’ve never been before.” Jiahee mumbling alone. He decided to come and find Aron’s house by herself since Dahyun will be home a bit late than usual but she’s in trouble because she now has no idea where she is.

She looks around to find somebody that can help her. She found a small bakery across the road. When she arrived on the roadside, she bumped with a guy in bicycle and fall down. “Ouch!” Jiahee’s moaned. That guy stopped for a while but continue cycling after seeing someone’s coming to her.

“Kwenchana?” he comes and hold Jiahee’s knee. “You?” Jiahee’s shocked seeing G.O there.

“Save the question first. Are you alright? Can you walk?” G.O asked her again.

“I’m okay. But I think my knee’s hurt.” She touches her knee slowly and moaned again.

“Come let me help you.” G.O squat beside her.

“Wha.. What are you doing?”

“Do you think that I will just let you walk like that? Come, get up.. I’ll carry you..” G.o replied.

Jiahee’s hesitating. “Princess, peoples are staring. Get in now or I will never stand up..” G.o threatened her. She has no choice because people are still watching them. She covers her face and get into G.O’s back.

“Jiahee-ah~ What’s your weight?” G.o asked after a while.


“I feel like I’m carrying Seungho..” he replied. Jiahee’s eyes widen. She hits his shoulder lightly. “Ah~ Don’t hit me or I’ll lose my strength and dropped you down..” he continue teasing her.

“Ya! Let me down now!” Jiahee’s voice a bit high. G.O’s laughing. “No I won’t. This can be one of my exercise routine..”

“Ahhh~ I’m going crazy!” Jiahee’s hiding the fact that she is embarrassed being carried by him like that on their second meeting. And it’s not a purpose meeting. G.O just smiling alone.

“Okay, we’re here now. Can you drive by yourself now?” G.o asked after sending Jiahee to her car.

“Thanks so much G.O-ssi.. I think I can..” Jiahee replied.

“Still great me formally? Just be comfortable and it would be nicer if you call me by my real name, Byunghee. I’m Jung Byunghee.” He smiled.

“This is just our second un-purpose meeting so I think it’s ok to great you formally. By the way hi! I’m Lee Jiahee” Jiahee gives her hand out as if this is their first meeting. G.O shakes her hand. “Nice to meet you Princess Jiahee..” he replied. Jiahee feels that her face is on fire. “Stop calling me princess.” She released G.O’s hand.

“I think I need to go now before Dahyun arrived home.”

“Ah, yeah.. This is our un-purpose meeting and I hope that we can meet in our first purpose meeting after this.” G.o closed the door. “Thanks again G.O-ssi..” Jiahee said once again.

“For you to repay what I’ve done today, please left out the –ssi word after my name. Arasso?”

Jiahee laughs a bit. “I’ll try Mr.Handsome~ Bye!”


‘She wouldn’t leave something in my room rite?’ Joon’s worried.

“Your house isn’t messy? What time did you wake up this morning?” Dahyun asked. She feels weird that his house is perfectly organized. “I.. I just feel like tidying my things last nite.” Joon replied. And he added one more lies!

‘Since when? Lee Joon knows how to handle his messy living room? Or maybe this is his first step after being my fiancé?’ Dahyun’s just left her thought inside his head.

“I feel like my home since you house is really clean now.. ” Dahyun smiles.

She heads to the room now. Joon just wait inside. But then he hears her screaming. Joon’s taken aback. He runs to his room.

To Be Continued..

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