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The Second Option - Class 09


“Have you seen Dahyun somewhere?” Jiahee asked Aron after they both arrived at Dahyun’s room.

“Anio.. Wae?” Aron replied. Jiahee took out her phone and make a call.

“This..?” Aron pointed to the phone that’s vibrating on the table.

“Aigoo.. She left her phone here. Where are you Hyunie?”

“Maybe she had left before you?”

“No, she won’t leave without telling me first.” Jiahee replied and this time she tries calling Joon.


“Eh? Who are you? This is Lee Joon’s rite?”

“ah, ne.. Mian.. I’ll call him.. Oppa, sorry I answered your phone..”

“Yah! Who is that? Where’s Dahyun?” Jiahee started to feel strange.
“No, no one.. Why? Dahyun isn’t there?”

“You think I would call you just for nothing? Lee Joon! What have you done? Dahyun’s missing without telling me where she goes and even her phone was still here. Yet you’re with another girl?”

“No, this is misunderstanding. I think Dahyun is with that guy. Her student, JR.”

“Mwo? JR? Why would she..”

“Mianhe Jiahee, I need to go now. I’ll call you if Dahyun comes to my place.. Annyong!” Joon ended the call before Jiahee could ask him more.

“What now? Dahyun’s going somewhere with a school boy and Lee Joon now with someone else? Something is wrong here..” Jiahee’s talking alone.

“Teacher? Is everything alright?” Aron asked her.

“Let’s go, we must find Dahyun!” Jiahee grabbed Aron’s hand without she realized. Even he’s shocked but still he didn’t say anything and just followed her.


“Ya! Jonghyun! Where are you going?” Dahyun asked him. She doesn’t have choices but to just follow him since he wouldn’t release his grasp on her hand.

“Somewhere..” JR replied shortly.

“Aigoo this boy.. Can’t we just walk? Why would you run nonstop?” Dahyun’s mumbling alone. JR pretends that he didn’t hear.

“Here we are!” JR said and stopped.

“What? Arcade? But.. With this suit.. Didn’t I look..” Dahyun complaints and looked at her clothes. JR comes close and took off her coat. “Ya! What are you doing?” JR just smile. But he still observing Dahyun’s outfit.

“Stop staring at me like that!” Dahyun pushed him. “Something is missing. Wait..” he took of his school uniform and put it on Dahyun. “Now you do look like a student! Come on noona!” he said and pulled her with him inside the arcade.

“You seem amazed. Don’t make such look noona. Wait, are you scared? We’re not in the night club noona..” JR giggles seeing Dahyun in puzzled face. She looks around like she has never been there before.

“When was the last time you come here?” JR asked. “I’ve never came after graduated.”

Seeing Dahyun hold his hand tightly, he brought Dahyun closer. “I will protect you noona. Don’t worry.”


“Oppa.. Mian.. That is Jiahee unni rite?” Junghye said after them both being silent for a while.

“Kwenchana..” Joon replied shortly.

“Oppa, you wouldn’t ask? What has happen that night?” Junghye started the serious conversation.

Joon looks at her. He smiled. “To tell you the truth, I really don’t remember a single thing that night. What I know is you’re sleeping on the living room but how did you end up in my room? I feel weird when I wake up with you beside me but I cannot say that I don’t remember because if I say so, I’ll hurt you rite? That will be so irresponsible of me..” he said slowly without looking at Junghye. Junghye keep an eye on him, he’s so nice. She can’t ask why he end up being Dahyun’s fiancé anymore, she has got the answer now.

“Oppa.. It’s all my fault. That night, I really need a help. I’m living far away from my family. Lucky that one of my cousin lives here and with his help, I got a room to stay before the school give me the dorm. But I don’t know that he has sold that room for his debt. That night I wanted to take all of my things that still in there but when I opened the door, there were men inside the room and they forced me to say where my cousin was because they said that he still is in debt. I’m scared. They chased me but lucky you opened the door on time.”

“So, they didn’t search for you again after that incident?” Joon asked while still waiting for her to finish her story.

“No they don’t because they don’t know where I live. Thanks oppa for saving me..”

“Why didn’t you tell me before? I don’t know you’ve gone through such hard times that night.”

“I don’t wanna involved you in this matter. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold myself.. I do like you even before I go to that school. I thought that I will be happy just by talking to you but that’s not enough. I’ve gone too far that night.. I see you’re in the deep sleep, I come into your room..I.. I’m sorry oppa.. Only if I didn’t follow my greed to be loved by you that night, you will still be happy with Dahyun unni..”


“Teacher.. Can I call you noona?” Aron suddenly asked. Jiahee’s taken aback.

“Just.. The school time has ended and it feels weird to be going out with someone that I calls teacher. 
Can I?” he asked again. Jiahee looks at him and nodded. “Noona!” Aron shouted while his hand holding the steering wheel. Jiahee braked immediately.

“You shouldn’t lost focus when you’re driving.”

“I know, its your fault!”

“Me? What have I done? Oh, that word.. Noona, are you alright?” Aron teased her.

“Stop it. I need to gather my focus again. Stop doing weird thing when I’m driving..” she replied and continue driving.

“Ah, noona.. Can we stop here? I don’t think they would go further since they both just walking rite?” Aron suggested.

“That makes sense. Ok, let’s stop here and search for them around this place.” Jiahe said and parked her car.


“Noona, let’s play this? Since we both are great dancers, I’m sure we will get A grade.” JR suggested while pointed to the machine.

“How about we have a battle? Let’s see who’s getting higher grade?” Dahyun replied. JR agreed with her and they started playing excitedly.

“JR? Are you dating someone?” Baekho comes from his back. Dahyun turns around.

“Teacher?” Ren’s shocked seeing her.

“Are you kidnapping our teacher?” Baekho asked him followed by laugh from both Dahyun and JR.

“Isn’t this… JR’s uniform?” with an innocent face, Ren asked.

Dahyun blushed. She tried to take off the blazer but JR stopped her. “It’s too windy on the outside just now, how can I let her be just like that.”

“I see.. Do you wanna joined us? Teacher? We wanna go to karaoke after this.” Baekho asked both of them.

“We.. You guys go first, if Dahyun noona still have times then we’ll join you after this.” JR replied.

“Arasso! Come on Ren baby!” Baekho replied back and dragged blank Ren with him.

“Baekho really is bright. I wonder did he ever has problem in his life.” Dahyun said after both Ren and Baekho left.

“He is.. So, what now? Do you wanna play basketball?” JR asked.

“I don’t know how to play..” JR busrst into laugh seeing Dahyun so serious about the basketball. “Why?” she’s puzzled.

“No, I mean that machine. Let’s see how much can you shoot?” JR replied and brought Dahyun to the machine.


“Why?” Aron asked after seeing Jiahee still didn’t move even the light has turned green.

“I.. Usually Dahyun will leads me when crossing this kind of road.”

Aron grabbed her hand and leads her. “This is what I’ve learned on LA.. Never let woman crossed the road alone.”

“Aron!” they both turned to that voice. Jiahee quickly pushed Aron’s hand away after seeing her students.

“And Jiahee teacher too?” Baekho and Ren seems amazed.

“What are you guys doing here?” Jiahee asked them back.

“Today is Friday so we feel like having fun.” Baekho replied followed by nodded from Ren.

“By the way, did you guys happen to see Dahyun around?” Jiahee asked again.

“Yeah we do.. We’ve just seen her there..” Baekho pointed to the arcade. “With JR..” Ren added.

“Thanks! Have a nice day guys!” Jiahee replied and bring Aron with her to the arcade.

“What’s happening now? They both dating our teachers?” Baekho asked in daze. Ren just shook her head.

To Be Continued..

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