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The Second Option - Class 11


“Morning!” Dahyun greets her cheerily.

Jiahee’s puzzled. “Morning? What are you doing?” Jiahee asked. It’s weird to see Dahyun wakes up before her. And even making breakfast? Jiahee really feels amazed.

“What? I am preparing our breakfast.. Come eat now!”

“Are you alright Dahyunie? You didn’t have a fever rite?” Jiahee still can’t believe what she see in front of her eyes and touches Dahyun’s forehead.

“Yah! I told you to eat rite? Come eat first and then you can ask me whatever you wanted to.” Dahyun dragged Jiahee to the table.

Jiahee clears her throat after taking a sip of her milk. “What are you up to?”

“Jiahee.. You’re worried rite? I’ve told you before that I’m a grown up now. I can handle everything myself. Don’t worry about me anymore..” Dahyun smiles and put her dishes into the sink.

“You will just let him go like that?” Jiahee asked her again.

“Do you have a plan to scold him?” Dahyun teased.

“Hyunnie.. I am serious..”

Dahyun look at Jiahee. “You know, Joon is also a grown up. So every decision that he made is the best for him. He already thinks what is good and what is bad for him. I am planning to just accept his decision and will always be with him whenever he needs me. Maybe not as his partner, but as his true friend.”


“Stop it, we’ll gonna be late. Finished your meal and let’s go to school!”


Don’t skip meals! Eat this when you feels like eating ^_^

A simple yet cute note was placed together with a bar of chocolate on her table. Junghye looks around but no one is there. Even she doesn’t know who did that but that little note makes her morning.

“Miss? How are you?” Minhyun suddenly appears.

“Ah,yes.. I’m ok now.. What are you doing here?” Junghye asked him back.

“I just.. I think that this will help you recover.” He replied while giving her an apple.

“How can you be this sweet? I never imagined that I’ll get this kind of treatment from you guys after the rumors.”

“Well, maybe 80% of the students believe it but not me.. If you have time, I’ll be in the instrument room after school time..” Minhyun replied.

“Do you want to show me something?”

“I suddenly have an idea in composing new song. Come and be the first one to listen to it?” He replied.
Junghye smiles. “I will if I don’t have any other work to do. Now go to your class.”


“What are you doing?” Jiahee asked.

“I’ve my own reason..” Joon replied shortly.

“Do you realize that your wedding is just two months away?”

“Jiahee.. Listen, I know that you love Dahyun but not everything that you look good to her might exactly be good. She deserves someone better than me.”

“I.. I’ve never seen this side of you. Did you change because of Junghye? Okay, I can accept it. But how will you face her after this?”

“Who? Me and Dahyun? Don’t worry, I am suspended until the end of semester. Dahyun will have enough time to throw me away.”

“Suspended? For what?”

“You know the rumors about me having scandal and making trainee teacher pregnant were circulating among students rite?” Joon asked her.

“But that’s not true rite?” Jiahee wanted an explanation.

Joon nodded. “But when the parents heard about it, they will do something. They’re giving pressure to the school. So the boards choose to suspend me for a while.”

“Ah.. What’s wrong with both of you..” Jiahee sighed.

“Don’t worry. This is the path that I choose. I know Dahyun will be okay. I know her really well. And knowing that you will always be beside her makes me more confident.” Joon replied and walks away.


“Finished your class already?” Dahyun shocked seeing JR inside her room. JR nodded without looking at her.

“I am feeling like this room is not mine anymore.” Dahyun whined.

“You’re talking to me?” JR closed his comic and look at Dahyun.

“No.. I’m talking alone~” Dahyun replied while she organizing her files.

“Will you be okay?” JR asked.

“About what?” Dahyun replied while her eyes still on the files.

“He is being suspended rite?” Dahyun pretends that she can’t hear.

“Aish.. I can’t reach that..” She mumbles alone while trying to reach a book on top of the shelf.

JR stands up and tries to help her but Dahyun accidentally lost grip of the files that she hold.

“Noona, if you need help then ask me. I didn’t stay here for nothing. At least let me help you with your work. Look, now you need to reorganize it again.” JR said and helps her collecting the papers on the floor.

“Stop it. Don’t talk much if you really wanna help me.”

While Dahyun is busy collecting the files, JR realizes something. He hold Dahyun’s arm. “Where is you engagement ring noona?”

Dahyun’s taken aback. “Ok, just stop here. I can do this alone.” Dahyun pushed JR’s hand and tries to hide her right hand.

“Do you lost it somewhere?” JR still didn’t satisfy.

“I.. I forgot to wear it this morning.. Nothing happen.” Dahyun stands up and put the files on the table.

“Did Joon cancelled your engagement? Why wouldn’t you tell me?” JR hold Dahyun’s shoulders.

“Jonghyun. This is none of your business. I am your teacher. Please act like I am..”

“Until now.. You still treat me like a student. Why wouldn’t you take me seriously?”

“Listen, you’re still young.. There’s much more people that you will be seeing after you graduated from school and much more conflicts.. So for now please don’t just limit it to me.” Dahyun looks at him firmly.

“Is it wrong for a guy like me to fall for someone older than him? Is it wrong if I wanna protects the one that I wanted to? Age doesn’t matter.. You know it rite? You just don’t wanna admit it because you’re afraid that you will fall for me eventually. Isn’t it noona?” JR replied back with a strong gaze.

Dahyun and JR’s eyes locked on each other. Dahyun can’t totally goes against what just he said because there’s actually some truth on it.


“I’m going now. Please make sure Dahhyun takes a good care of herself. And you too, take care Jiahee.” Joon said while holding a box with him.

“Are you really not coming here for this whole semester?” Jiahee get closer to him.

Joon nodded. “I will come again next semester.”

“Have you met Dahyun?” Jiahee asked again.

“I don’t think I should. Just tell her that I will move from that house and she can just throw my house key.”

“Only that?” Jiahee expected for more.

“Yup. Only that for now. I think she will be happy because everyone loves her.” Joon replied and leave after thanking Jiahee for everything.

“Why would their story ends like this? This is not it..” Jiahee’s talking alone.

“Miss?” suddenly someone patted her shoulder.

“Aron? Why are you still here?” Jiahee asked him.

“I’m going back but I thought you need someone to talk?” Aron lifted his eyebrows.

“Why must it be you.. Why would you usually comes when I need to talk to someone?” Jiahee whimper.

“Did I come at the wrong time? Ok, I’ll leave now..” Aron started to walk but Jiahee calls him back.

“I know you will call me back. So what’s it? Miss Dahyun lost again?” Aron joked but with his innocent face. Jiahee hit his arm.

“Didn’t you think you need to hit me harder?” Aron teased her again. Jiahee finally smiles a bit upon looking at Aron’s ‘innoncent’ face.


Meanwhile. Minhyun is waiting with the piano and the music sheets.

“What am I doing? Why I am suddenly feels like wanna see her again and again?” he opens his first sheet. His fingers started to climb on the piano. And the fingers dance as fast as his eyes reading the notes. Without he realizes, Junghye is actually listening to it on the outside.

As his soul goes together with the melody, the lyrics started to come out from his mouth..

Haengbokhaetdeon gieokkkaji geojitmalcheoreom..
(All of those happy memories, don't you think..)

..cheoeumbuteo eobseotdeon geon anieosseulkka
(they never existed in the first place, like a lie?)

Eojireounde.. Eojireounde..
(I'm so dizzy., I'm so dizzy..)


His soul comes back to him. He stopped playing at once upon hearing that familiar voice. He stands up and walked to the front door. Yes, that’s the voice of the person that he waited for. But that voice now is talking to someone else not far from him.

“Come on, let me send you to your car.” Junghye words that can be heard.

“Good idea. We can talk more there.” Joon replied and they both walked in unison to the car park.

Minhyun walked back to his seat before. He picks up all the music sheets and put it in his bag.

“I shouldn’t have high expectation about her. I shouldn’t take seriously about her promise to come before from the beginning. I should just stay at my place as a usual student to her.”

With that, Minhyun leaves the school that day.


“Will you be okay?” Junghye asked.

“Yes I guess. Why? Are you worried about me?”

“No.. I am started to think about what’s going to happen to Dahyun unni. Will you just leave like this?” Junghye asked again.

“I do went to meet her but she is busy.” Joon seem to have something to talk about.

“I’m sure Dahyun unni wouldn’t mind to stop just to have a goodbye from you.”

“No, she is busy with his precious student. I couldn’t just butt into them everytime they have their times together. But don’t worry, she wouldn’t care even if I left without a good bye to her. I am the one who broke her heart before, remember?” Joon tries to make it sounds okay.

“Well, I can’t say anything since this matter is between you two. But I hope everything between you two will be fine.” Junghye replied.

“Well, I guess I need to go now. Want me to send you back?” Joon asked Junghye.

“No oppa. I have something to do. Someone is waiting for me at the instrument room.”

“Okay, take care Junghye. Pick up your phone whenever I call, arasso?”

“Ne, oppa. I will.. You too. Take a good care of yourself.”

To Be Continued..

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