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The Second Option - Class 10


“Ya! What are you doing?” Jiahee asked as soon as she found Dahyun.

“What? I’m just having fun. Thanks to him.” She replied and looks at JR.

“This is so not you. Why are you running away? We can settle this if we see Lee Joon and discuss it in the right way.” Jiahee tries to persuade her.

“Jonghyun, let’s try that?” Dahyun pretends that she didn’t hear Jiahee and dragged JR somewhere.

“Ugh! I don’t know anymore.” Jiahee sighed.

“Why don’t we have fun too? Since we’re already here and Dahyun seems like she really wanna forget about the problem for a while. So I think you should be like her too for this few moments.” Aron tries to calm Jiahee. But Jiahee looks like she ignores what Aron said and walks to Dahyun.  She grabbed Dahyun’s arm. They both looking at each other. But Jiahee suddenly hugs Dahyun. “I’m sorry.. I should try to understand you, not just forcing you to do what I wanted.”

Dahyun hugged her back. “Fool..If you wanna run, let me run with you. Never run alone and leave me behind because if you fall, nobody will help you up again. You have me, don’t just do anything alone.” Jiahee said to her.

Dahyun smile and look into Jiahee eyes. “I know I have you.. Thanks so much..”
“And you.. Don’t kidnap her without asking for my permission first!” Jiahee pushed JR a bit.

“Hee-ah, don’t blame him when you’re doing the same thing too.” Dahyun said.

“What do you mean?”

“This. Why are you kidnapping this boy?” Dahyun replied and look at Aron. JR and Aron chuckled.

“This.. This I can explain it later.” Jiahee blushed.

“Ah~ I’m hungry.. Can we eat now?” Aron suddenly cut into them.


“Unni.. Mianhe..” Jungyhe started the conversation. Without a reply, Dahyun just smile and continue organizing the instruments inside the room.

“It’s nice isn’t it?” Junghye continued.

“Hm?” Dahyun turns to Junghye who’s still sweeping the floor.

“Joon oppa has such a broad shoulder. It’s nice to be with him rite? Lucky you unni.” Dahyun’s shocked. She looks at Junghye.

“I.. I have a class.. You will be okay being here alone rite?” Dahyun changed the topic and get her stuff.

“Unni!” Junghye calls her. Dahyun stopped. “Don’t worry, Joon oppa will always be yours.” Junghye said and Dahyun just continue walking without turning to Junghye.

Dahyun admits that she needs to be professional by separating personal feelings when she’s in work place but being a team with someone who’s showing interest in her fiancé just makes her mind mixed up. She can’t think straight whenever she recall about that.
While walking on the hallway, she bumped into Joon. They both just continue walking just like nothing happen. But Dahyun feels like she can’t just let this be. “Joon!” she shouted a bit. Joon turns to her.

“You.. How are you?” Dahyun asked.

“Good. And you?” he replied. Short. Looks like he doesn’t want to talk more about it.

“I’m worried about you. Why don’t you say a single word about this?” Dahyun continues. Yes, she knows that this is not the suitable time to talk about this serious matter but she just don’t wanna miss it. She usually not like this but at this rate she can’t tell anymore whether Joon still loves her or not.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think we can talk about it here. I need to see the board now.”

“So, will you be okay? Is it possible that they will fire you?”

“I don’t have an idea but I am ready for the consequences. Excuse myself. Take care Dahyun.” He replied and continue walking away.

“He’s changed. She changed him.” She still remember how her Joon will react if this kind of problem appears. That Joon will never be this matured. That Joon will always refer her for whatever solution that he will take. And that Joon will never be away from her if she ever faces with things that break her heart like this.


“Ah, miss.. Kwenchana?” Baekho asked. Junghye just nodded. She feels dizzy and she almost falls from the stairs just now. Lucky Baekho was there and he managed to hold her. Baekho pick up her bag that falls on the floor. “Thanks.” She said and walked slowly while still touching her head.

“She looks so pale.” He said while still observing her. “Miss!!” Baekho quickly get to Junghye when he see her fall down.


“Joon, why are you still here?” Jiahee asked.

“Ne?” he’s puzzled.

“Junghye.. She faints. I think you should be there.”

“Seriously? Where is she?”


“Thanks. I’ll go now.” He replied and rushed out.

“Lee Joon!” he turned to that voice. “I’ll go with you.”


“Junghye, are you okay?” Joon asked as soon as Junghye open her eyes.

“Good to see someone is worrying about me. But I’m okay.” She replies with a smile.

“Junghye.. How about.. You didn’t pregnant rite?” Dahyun asked hesitantly.
Junghye looks at her for a while and chuckled.

“Wae?” Joon asked.

“Unni, oppa.. You think I faint because of morning sickness? That’s funny. Don’t worry unni, I’m not pregnant.” Junghye replied and caused both Dahyun and Joon to feel relieved.

“Urm.. Unni, can I talk to Joon oppa for a while?” Junghye suddenly requested. Dahyun looks at Joon. Awkward. “Yeah, sure.” She replied but Joon knows that her smile is fake. Dahyun walks out of the room.

“Oppa.. You’re worried rite? I can see it in your eyes.”

“What is it?” Joon ignores her question.

“Okay, I’ll tell the real truth. That nite. Nothing happen. I just took a photo with the shirtless you and fall asleep beside you. Nothing happen. So how can I possibly carrying a baby? You guys are funny!” Junghye explain and burst into laugh. Seeing her laughing freely like that makes Joon wanna smile too. How can he imagine things that he didn’t ever do?

“But why can’t Dahyun know this too?” Joon asked her.

“I.. I just wanted to make Dahyun unni worried a bit. That shows how much she cares for you.”

“No. I wouldn’t let her worry about me anymore. She has gone through worrying and taking care of me so much. I won’t let her worry anymore.” Joon already decide something in his head. Already since the day Dahyun knows about the photo.


“Everything is okay rite?” Dahyun asked after Joon comes out.

“Ne. Everything. Don’t worry.” Joon replied.

“Is there anything that you wanna tell me?” Dahyun asked after they both walking in silence for quite a while.

“About Junghye? No.. Nothing. You’ve heard what she said rite?” The reply from Joon seems so cold.

“Yeah, its a fortunate that she wasn’t pregnant.”

“Dahyun, there’s something I wanna tell you. Something really important for us.” Joon said when they arrived at the car park.

“What is it?” Dahyun feels nervous but this is what she waited for from him. Finally there is something that he wanna tells her.

Joon smiles. “I’ll tell you when we arrived at your home. I need to send you home safely first.”


“Are you alright?” Jiahee worried seeing Dahyun come into the house in daze.

“Ya! Dahyun! What’s wrong with you?” Jiahee shook her a bit.

“It’s over. I can’t believe it but that’s it.”

“Wait, what are you talking about Lee Dahyun? You come back with Joon rite?” Jiahee hold Dahyun’s face. Dahyun’s eyes filled with tears. She hugged Jiahee.

“Me.. And Joon.. We’re over..”

To Be Continued..

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