Monday, July 2, 2012

The Second Option - Class 14


“Dahyun! Open the door!” Jiahee knocked the door repeatedly. She really is worried about Dahyun.

“Yah! Are you okay?” she touched Dahyun’s forehead rite after her friend get out from toilet.

“I don’t know. I feel dizzy since last nite.” Dahyun replied.

“I don’t think you can go to work like this. Come I help you get to your room.” Jiahee helps her walk.


“No, don’t talk much. I will tell about your condition now to the headmaster. Just rest for now.” Jiahee said before Dahyun could say any words.

“I need to go now. But don’t worry, I’ll ask someone to look after you. What do you want to eat?” Jiahee asked her.

“No. I don’t think I have an appetite now. I’ll just sleep. Don’t worry about me. Just go to school first.” Dahyun replied.

Jiahee looks at her for a while. Her worried eyes can’t be hidden anymore. “Dahyunie.. Quickly call me if anything happens. I promise I’ll return home early today. And call me if you need anything.” Jiahee said and get ready to go to work.

“Jiahee..” Dahyun calls her again. Jiahee get closer.

“Please.. Don’t tell Lee Joon about this.” Dahyun begged her. Jiahee just smiles. “Don’t think too much. Just sleep okay?” Jiahee said before leaves.


“Jiahee unni..”

“Yeah Junghye? Anything I could help you?”

“No I just wanna asked about Dahyun unni. Why does the president ask me to take her classes for today?”

“She didn’t feeling well. In fact I’m still worry about her. Usually Joon will help me in time like this.” Jiahee explained.

“Why don’t you ask Seungho oppa to go see her now? I think Seungho oppa has no classes until recess” Junghye suggested.

“Lucky you said that. I just thought about asking JR to look after her. So now I will go ask Seungho.. Thanks Junghye!” Jiahee go to find Seungho at once.


“Hyung, I need your help” Joon suddenly appears from nowhere as soon as Seungho arrived at the parking lot.

“What is it?” Seungho asked back.

“Dahyun is sick rite? She becomes like that because she didn’t take her meals. And she will refuse to eat at time like this. The only thing that she will eat is chicken porridge. Usually I made her one but I don’t think she wanted to see me now so can I passes this to you?”

Seungho looked at him for a while. And he nodded. “I guess I should help you for her own good.”

“Thanks hyung.” Joon’s relieved a sigh.

“But how did you know? Jiahee asked me to not letting you know but you found it out?”

“It was Junghye. She called me and explained Dahyun's condition. I just can’t ignore it so that’s why I’m asking for your help.”

Seungho smiles. “You can count on me. I think you should go now before others found out that you’re here.”


“Miss Junghye. I’m sorry. So Sorry.” Minhyun chase after her on her way to class.

“No. Don’t apologize. I’m the one to blame too.. Come let’s go to class together.” Junghye replied with a sweet smile. But still, Minhyun didn’t feel good about it.

“No, I wouldn’t feel good. How can I acted that way to you that day.” Minhyun’s lower his head.

“It’s okay, that was just a misunderstanding rite? Make sure you didn’t do it again.”

“Okay but miss, will you come to the instrument room again today? I promise I will wait for you no matter what happens. I need to let you hear my song as my apology, will you?”

“I would like to but I can’t promise to be there today. Maybe next time?” Junghye rejected his request nicely. Minhyun face is full of disappointment.

“But I will treat you for lunch tomorrow, okay?” Junghye tries to cheer him up.

“Really? That will be great. Thanks Miss!”


“Okay I think that’s all for today.. Sorry if I can’t be as good as Dahyun unni but I hope you guys can get something today. And if you wanna ask anything just come and see me..”

Before Junghye ends her words Ren suddenly stands up and walk closer to her. “Thank you.” And he just left the class like that. Junghye's puzzled. She froze for a while.

“I’m sorry noona. Thanks for today.” Baekho comes to the front and apologize on Ren’s behalf. Then he chased after him.

“He usually not like that. But don’t worry Miss, just ignore him.” Minhyun then comes forward too.


Jiahee’s a bit shocked when she arrived home. “Dahyunie?” she calls for her.

“Ah, welcome back Jiahee.” Dahyun seems much better than this morning.

“Yah, what did you give her Seungho?” Jiahee asked Seungho. Seungho chuckled.

“I told you just leave it all to me. I can handle this girl.”

“Annyeong~” G.O voice can be clearly heard from upstairs.

“And why are you here?” Jiahee asked as soon as G.O steps into the room.

“I just stopped by to deliver this. That guy asked me to buy some fruits after I finished my work.” G.O pointed to Seungho.

“But if you don’t like me being here then I will go now.” G.O word makes Jiahee shocked.

“Byunghee! Can you not being too harsh for a day?” Jiahee asked him.

“Harsh what? I’m saying the truth rite?” G.O teased her again.

“Ugh! Stress! Dahyun let me change place with you for a while.” Seungho and Dahyun laughs seeing both of them.

“You guys get closer rite? What a nice sight.” Dahyun said and Jiahee widen her eyes.

“And you two too? I guess you’re getting closer today?” G.O replied with a naughty face.

“Most of all I’m glad that you’re feeling better now Dahyun. I’m worried much.” Jiahee hugged Dahyun.

“Can I hug them too?” G.O asked and Seungho pushed him away.


“Do you think Dahyun will be able to forget Lee Joon?” G.O started the conversation as they both washing the dishes in the kitchen.

“Why are you asking that? It takes time.”

“I asked because.. Seungho seems interested in her.” G.O replied.

“And I think Dahyun too but her heart still clings onto Joon that’s why she still can’t get over him.” Jiahee continued.

“How about you?” G.O’s question shocked her.

“What me?” Jiahee asked back.

“Who’s in your heart? Do I have the chance to be in it?” The confession from G.O might not be too much but she able to understand what he means.

“I don’t have experience in things like this so I don’t know.” Jiahee answers but she avoid meeting G.O’s eyes, worried that he might able to see what her truth thought is.

“Is it him?” G.O asked.

“Ne?” Jiahee’s taken aback.

“The boy that nite, is it him in your heart?”

“I.. No.. Can we not talk about this now?” Jiahee replied and quickly finished her works and leaves the kitchen.

“You can lie to me. But your eyes couldn’t. I see it all Lee Jiahee.”


“Oppa.. Gomawo..”

“For what? I’m doing this because I love it. No need to thanks me.” Seungho replied with a smile.

“I think I will excuse myself for now. Get enough sleep and please.. Don’t skip meals again.” He continued.

“Will you come again tomorrow?” Dahyun asked.

“Why? Are you missing me already?” Seungho teased. She doesn’t know why but she feels that the spot that has been left by Joon seems to be filled when he’s around.

“I’m just asking..I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow..” Dahyun find an excuse.

“Or do you want me to stay with you tonight?”

“Stop it. Or is it you who didn’t wanna leave me now?” Dahyun replied followed by laughs by Seungho.

“Okay I’ll leave for real now. I’ve set the reminder on my phone on each meal time so that I can check on you. So make sure you don’t skip your meals anymore.” Seungho’s sweet warned.

“Urm..oppa?” Dahyun calls him once again before he left.


“About what you asked that nite.. I think I can consider it now.” Dahyun said slowly.

“Oh that. No don’t take it seriously. It just slipped out so suddenly. Just take care of yourself first.. I’m going now..” Seungho ends the conversation and left.

She doesn’t know what the real intention of Seungho is but with that answer, she feels a bit disappointed. She hopes for better answer by Seungho. Because she started to change her mind now.


Please, don’t be too close to Minhyun.’

Junghye’s taken aback with that kind of note that morning.

“Noona! Morning!” Baekho greets her cheerily.  Junghye force herself to smile happily.

“Morning. You’re early today.”

“Yeah I’m always this early.” Baekho proud of himself.

“Did you..” Junghye hesitated.

“What noona?”

“No, forget it. Minhyun’s here yet?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been to class yet. Ah, I brought you this.” Baekho takes out something from his bag.

“Take this as an apology on Ren’s behalf yesterday.” Baekho gives her a small box.

“Cupcake? Thanks a lot. I love this.” Junghye replied.

“Glad you like it. I forced my sis to make it last night and I decorated it. Don’t forget to eat that soon. Bye noona!”


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