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The Second Option - Class 13


“Minhyun! Where are you going?” Ren asked as he see Minhyun rushing somewhere.

“I.. I’m searching for someone. Can you go eat alone?” Minhyun replied and continue walked away from Ren.

“Yah!” Ren shouted but Minhyun has already far from him.

“Aigoo. Baekho is missing since this morning and now Minhyun too? Now I should eat alone? Aish..” Ren’s mumbling alone but then his eyes spotted Aron. He walks closer to him and smiles widely.

“What?” Aron puzzled seeing him like that.

“Are you alone? Let’s go eat together?” Ren’s showing hopeful expression. Aron’s thinking for a while.

“Minki, sorry but I can’t. I have something with Miss Jiahee so you go first?” Aron said and walked away too.

“Ugh! Just why is everyone busy rite now?” Ren sat on the table. Then JR passed by him.

“JR!” He shouted. JR stopped and looked at him.

“You’re alone?”

“Why?” Ren’s thinking for a while.

“No, nothing.” He knows what JR’s answer will be.

‘He’ll be with his beloved noona. I need to find out why Baekho and Minhyun is too busy for me.’


“Minhyun?” Junghye slowly stepped into the room.

“Miss you’re here?”

“Yeah. Glad to see you here again. I’m worried something has happen to you because yesterday..”

“Forget about yesterday miss.”  Minhyun cuts before she could end her words.

“Wha.. Why?” Junghye puzzled.

“You didn’t come. But it’s okay. Since yesterday is your last day with Joon here.” He explained without turning to Junghye.

“Minhyun! You..” Junghye tried to explain the real situation but she cancels it when she see he has no interest in her explanation. Junghye follows Minhyun to the piano.

“Noona?” A familiar voice comes from the front door. Both Junghye and Minhyun looking at each other.

“Ah, did I disrupt you both?” Baekho comes in.

“No you didn’t. Is there anything I can help you?” Junghye asked him.

“Ya, what are you doing here?” Minhyun stills in the bad mood.

“Uhm.. Sorry Minhyunnie. I just wanna give this to Junghye noona since yesterday I promised her.” Baekho hands a bar of chocolate to Junghye.

“Ne? Kamsahamnida~” Junghye tries to hide her shocked upon seeing that same chocolate bar with what she got yesterday morning.

“You promised her?” Minhyun seems to feel strange about them both.

“Nothing. Just I asked him to buy me chocolate yesterday.” Junghye replied. Baekho looks at her.

“Noona, why did you lie?” Baekho asked her.

“And what’s with this noona thing?” Minhyun shows his jealousy now.

“Yah Hwang Minhyun why are you like this today?” Baekho’s voice a bit higher.

“So she didn’t meet me yesterday and ends up seeing you somewhere?” Minhyun asked him.

“GUYS STOP THIS!” Junghye comes in between them and pushed them both away.

“Oh so you left her alone yesterday and you say that she didn’t come? You know how long she waited for you yesterday? And did you know she walks back home in rain? You didn’t cuz you’re always like this. Be matured now Minhyun.” Baekho said everything and walked away from the room.

Minhyun’s taken aback by Baekho’s word. He look at Junghye. “I.. I think I should go now.” Junghye walks away.

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” Minhyun runs after her and holds her arm.

“Minhyun?” Ren suddenly comes. Minhyun released Junghye’s arm. “Sorry, I need to go now.” Junghye runs quickly.


“I’m vervous!” Jiahee whispers to Dahyun.

“Ya, stop it now or I’ll just let you go alone.” Dahyun threatened her.

“Okay I’ll calm down but promise me you wouldn’t leave me no matter whatever happens ne?” Jiahee’s begging. Dahyun burst into laugh seeing her bestfriend like that.

“Don’t worry babe. I’m here.” Dahyun replied and she leads Jiahee into the restaurant.

G.O’s eyes widened seeing stunning Jiahee in light blue dress fits perfectly with her blue butterfly hairpin. Seungho looked at him and hit him slightly. “Closed your mouth now.”

“Uhm sorry. I’m immersed in the dazzling you. So you finally come. Thanks Jiahee.” G.O really shows his gratitude that nite. And Jiahee just smile shyly.

Seeing both of them like that, Dahyun cough a bit to get some attention too. Seungho understands and he comes closer to her. “I guess he didn’t realize about your appearance sweetie. You’re stunning too.”

“Ah, mianhe Dahyun. Of course you too. Thanks for coming tonight.” Only then G.O realize that Dahyun is there too.

Dahyun’s chuckled. “Okay enough with this. Shouldn’t we be seated?”

“Ne. Of course.” G.O and Seungho leads them to the table. 

Not long after they have their dinner, Jiahee’s phone beeping. She took out her phone. G.O’s seem shocked for something.

“You. You still use this?” G.O asked while pointing to Jiahee’s phone chain. Jiahee’s puzzled and just nodded blankly. Both Seungho and Dahyun focused on them too.

“I mean.. I have it too.” G.O showed his phone chain.

“What? Isn’t that couple chain? Jiahee since when?” Dahyun suspecting something is going on without her knowing.

“Ne? Couple what?” Jiahee still blank. She still didn’t get it.

Seungho laughs. “Jiahee you know you’re cute like this? Dahyun asked about your chain since you have the key-shaped chain and G.O has the lock-shaped one.”

Jiahee looked at the chain. She finally gets it. “You gotta explain why do you have that chain.” She looks at G.O fiercely.

“Err. Sorry. Do you still remember when your phone was with us? I changed your phone chain to make it suit with mine. Mian~” G.O said while smiling wide.

“But you still used it until now means that you like me too?" G.O teased her while both Seungho and Dahyun chuckled. Jiahee feels that her face is hot and of course she's blushing!

“Dahyun, will you go somewhere with me?” Seungho suddenly asked. Jiahee looked at Dahyun and making an eye sign to make her stay.

“Urm.. Where do we go?” Dahyun tries to not looking at Jiahee and turns to Seungho.

“Somewhere. Come!” Seungho quickly stands up and grabbed Dahyun’s arm.

“Ah. Wait!” Dahyun followed him unknowingly.

“Dahyun!” Jiahee shouted a bit.

“Why? Are you scared being alone with me?” G.O teased her again.

“Why should I? I just.. Worried..” G.O burst into laugh. “Don’t worry princess. Come follow me somewhere too. Do you think Seungho will leave us just like this? I know where he goes so come with me.” G.O and Jiahee slowly walking through the riverside.

“You know what. This was actually planned by Seungho.” G.O said after them both being silent for a while.

“Seungho?” Jiahee asked.

“Not fully but the part where he asked Dahyun to go somewhere. I heard about Dahyun too. And Seungho just wanna let her forget her problems.”

“And you?” Jiahee asked again.

“Me? I just wanna let them know about the phone chain.” G.O smiles.

“But why? I mean why are you giving me that..”

“That key-shaped? You know, my heart has been stolen and I wouldn’t open it to anyone except the one that holds the key to my heart.” Jiahee’s shocked.

“Do you like cookies?” G.O pretends like he didn’t realize the shocked expression in Jiahee’s eyes and just acted normal. Jiahee still froze looking into his eyes.

“Princess?” G.O waves his hand in front of her. Jiahee’s back to her sense. “ I’m sorry..”

“Kwenchana. Do you like cookies? I’m gonna buy it.” G.O pointed to the small booth not far from them.


“I hope they’ll get closer.” Seungho voiced out.

“I knew it. This was your intention when you asked me out.” Dahyun replied and her eyes locked at the river in front of them. But she didn’t realize that Seungho’s eyes are locked on her.


“What?” Dahyun turns to him.

“No. I said this river is beautiful.” Seungho clears his throat. “Are you okay?” he wanna ask that question since the first day he heard about the rumors but only now he has the chance to do so.

“Ne? Me.. I think I’m okay now.” Dahyun smiles. Tries to hide her true feelings. Yeah, breaking up with someone you’ve been with for about 8 years isn’t a simple thing.

“Lee Dahyun.. If I said that I wanna be with you, replacing him in your heart, what will you say?”
 Seungho holds Dahyun’s shoulder. The sincerity in his words can be clearly see from his eyes.

“But this is too soon.” Dahyun moves her eyes somewhere else. She can’t look at those hopeful eyes.

“Ah. I’m sorry Dahyun. Forget about it. I shouldn’t said something like that at time like this.”


“Thank you. Please come again.” The girl at the booth thanked both of them.

Not long after they left the booth, someone bumped into Jiahee. G.O holds her to prevent her from falling.

“Ah why are you in my way?” That woman voiced out her anger. She touched her shoulder.

“Sorry miss but you’re the one who ran into her. You should apologize, not blaming her.” G.O said to her. Jiahee holds G.O’s arm. “No it’s okay. She might be in rush.”

Just then a boy comes to them. “Noona are you alright?” he asked.

Jiahee knows that voice well. It was.. “Aron?” she looks at him.

“Here you are. Come.” The woman ordered Aron and she slowly walked away from them.

“I’m sorry.” Aron said to both of them and followed the woman. “Noona wait for me!”

“You happen to know that boy?” G.O asked when he see Jiahee’s eyes are still on him.

“Yeah. He is my student.” Jiahee still can’t believe what she just sees. Aron is having relationship with that woman? Or is that woman is his sister?


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