Monday, July 2, 2012

Nu'est (뉴이스트) Action Tracklist + Teaser.

Nu'est has released jacket photo for the first mini album entitled "Action". The tracklist for this album also has been revealed which is:

 Nu'est teased their fans with amazing photo teaser for their first comeback ever. They received attention from lots of people which resulted in being no. 1 topic discussed in twitter. They've poses with strong dark charm and mysterious feel.

The album is said to be available on sale by July 13th and the MV will be released on July 11th 2012.
Pre-orders for Action has been open and support Nu'est by buying the album legally.

On July 5th, Pledis Entertainment uploaded a video teaser for their 1st mini album "Action". Check out the video below: 

And once again on July 8th Pledis teased the fans again with one minute long MV teaser:

The MV has been released and you guys can check out the lyrics here =)

Credit: @NUESTNEWS , pledisnuest , Various Nu'est fanbases @ tw

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