Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goguma Couple^^

So, I've just watching ep27 of YongSeo couple..
Day by day I'm falling in love with them..
They're just sweet.. Just like other ordinary couple..
They're natural.. Oh~~hoping that my love story will be as sweet as them too..
And this episode just make me love them more and more..
How YongHwa gives her a necklace and a letter to her mom plus how SeoHyun is singing for him..
Yes, she's really adorable.. YongSeo ftw!

Now I'm addicted to lovelight.. It's all because of Seohyun..
She's becoming better now..
I'm not a fan of SNSD originally but watching her in WGM makes me feel like she's cute..

So, the main point is I wanna say that I love CN Blue- Love Light song so very much now..lalalala~

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