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Melody Love: Sheet Eighteen

Sheet 18: White Gown..

“Yeobseyo? Ah, oppa.. Mianhe.. Something comes up so suddenly.. Would u please go there first? I’ll settle this as soon as I can” Junghye hang up the call and continue running to Mr. Park’s office..

Joon just shook his head.. “Ahh.. What should I do now? Why the wedding must be so soon? Ah.. Jinjja..” he sighing alone in his car.. He stopped in front of her house..

‘Knock.. Knock’
Someone’s outside his car.. He opens the door..
“Excuse me? What are u doing here?” she asked..
“Annyeong noona.. Mianhe.. I’m just feel like wanna stop here.. Are u alone?” Joon asked her back..
“Well.. Yeah.. I’m alone now.. Do u wanna come in?” Naz asked..
“Anio.. Thanks noona.. I’ll just wait here..” Joon replied..

“As expected.. U wanted to meet her right? Please don’t hurt her more..” Naz continued..
“I know.. I’m sorry..” he said slowly..
“No need to say sorry to me.. It’s between u and her.. Also Junghye.. I hope u can choose without breaking their hearts..” Naz replied back..

Joon can’t look at her now.. He really feels miserable..
“Hey Naz.. What are u doing now? Threaten him again?” Dahyun suddenly shows up..
“Ah.. Dahyunnie.. I’m just doing what I should do..” Naz replied..
“What are u saying? I’m alright now.. We’re just not mean to be.. Well, Junghye is a good girl too..” Dahyun said while looking at Joon.. He moves his side because je really can’t meet her eyes now..

“Well, up to u Dahyunnie.. U’re an adult now.. U’re good enough to think about what’s good and what’s bad for u.. So, I’m going inside now..” Naz said and leave both of them together..

“Are u really be okay now?” Joon slowly started talking..
“Did u really think that I’m okay?” Dahyun replied without looking at him..
“Seungho hyung.. Do u still love him?” Joon meticulously asked her.. Dahyun look at him.. They catch each other eyes for a while..

“No comment.. So, why are u here?” Dahyun quickly change the topic..

“Actually I need to bring Junghye to the Bridal House because she needs to try her wedding dress.. But she has something to do so I need to go first.. But there’s no point if I went there without her because I couldn’t fit her dress..” Joon explaining like a school boy whining..

Dahyun laughed seeing him like that.. “U’re gonna be someone’s husband u know.. Act your age please Lee Joon..” she continue laughing..

“What? I’m saying the truth.. Will u come with me?” Joon asked her..
“Well, I have nothing to do now.. So, yes.. I’ll go..”


She waits at the bus stand.. A taxi stops in front of her but suddenly a man bumped into her.. Without saying anything he just stand up and runs into the taxi.. “Ya! That’s mine!! Aigoo.. Who is him? So rude..” Junghye complaining alone.. “Aish.. I’ll be late..” she keep looking at her watch..

“Hey miss.. I’m here for u..” someone’s greet her from a car..
“Ah! Mireu!! U’re my savior.. Thank God..” she said and quickly get into his car..
Mir just smiling.. “Ya! Why are u making that face?” Junghye feels weird with him..
“Nothing.. It’s just.. Your appearance change but u never change Lee Junghye..” Mir said while laughing..
“What do u mean?” Junghye asked again..
“Doesn’t matter because I miss this Junghye.. But with better looks..” he continue teasing her.. Junghye hit him with her file.. Mir look at her and both of them laughing..
“So, where do u want to go now miss?” Mir asked her and continue driving..
“Bridal House near my house..” she replied shortly..

“What? Why don’t u just called him?”
“Who? Joon oppa? Anio.. I don’t want to make things hard for him.. This place is far by the way..” Junghye replied..

“But u can use your dad’s car right? I wonder why are u always make it hard for yourself..” Mir said.. Junghye just smiling.. Yes, she do has everything but she doesn’t want to use them because she realized who she really is.. She just want to live with her own effort..


“So, is this the bride? U guys look good together..” Mrs. Kim, the manager of the Bridal House greet both of them..
“Ah.. Anio..” Dahyun tried to explain but Joon quickly hold her hand and make a sign to her to just let them think that they’re a couple..
“So, what’s your name? Come with me to the fitting room..” Mrs. Kim pull Dahyun with her..
“I’m Lee Dahyun..” she said formally..
“Okay, Joon, wait here for a while.. I’ll make her looks way more gorgeous with our wedding dress..” Mrs. Kim continue and lead Dahyun somewhere..


“This is the place.. Stop here..” Junghye pointed somewhere..

“Thanks Mireu..” she said and ready to get off from the car but Mir hold her.. “Can I go too?” Mir suddenly asked..
“Well..” Junghye don’t know what should she said.. She afraid that Joon will get angry if he see Mir together with her.. She doesn’t want them to fight again..
“Don’t worry.. I won’t do anything this time.. I’ve become more matured..” he said and look deeply at her..

“Promise me? Don’t anything that will make u guys fight again..” Junghye said worriedly..
Mir smile and raise his hand.. “Promise..” he said nicely..

They both walked together inside..

“Oppa..” Junghye greets him..
“Hye-ah..” he replied with a smile but his face changed after seeing Mir with her..
“Ah, sorry oppa.. I’m late so he’s sending me here..” Junghye replied.. Mir stay still without a word beside Junghye.. Joon just nodded..

“So.. What should I do now?” Junghye asked.. But before Joon could reply her, Mrs. Kim comes out.. “Lee Joon-shii.. What say you?” she asked and Dahyun shows with a perfectly beautiful white gown just like a real bride..
The three of them were mesmerized.. Joon’s lost at words.. He’s looking at her from head to toe without a blink..

“Unnie.. U looks beautiful..” Junghye get close to her..
“Ah, u’re here already? I’m sorry..” Dahyun said..
“Kwenchana unnie.. U looks great..” Junghye replied her..
“That dress supposed to be hers right?” Mir suddenly said to him..
Joon look at him.. “What? U really wanna see her like this right?” Mir continue..
“Stop it Mireu..” Junghye push him away from Joon..
“I don’t mind about this.. This is just to choose the perfect wedding dress.. Whoever in it would be ok.. And Dahyun unnie is perfect for it..” Junghye continue..

“Mianhe Junghye.. Thanks..” Joon said to her..
“Well, Junghye.. Would you like to take a try?” Dahyun asked her..
“It’s ok unnie.. Thanks at the first place..” Junghye replied..


“Jagiya.. It’s worst..” Thunder said to Seungmi as they sat together at the bench..
“What do u mean?” Seungmi asked.. She wanted to know more..
“Joon hyung.. Looks like Mir and Seungho hyung can’t get along with him for a moment.. They even involved in a small fight before..” Thunder replied..

“Okay, I know Mir would do that but Seungho oppa?” Seungmi asked again..
“Looks like he had something with Dahyun noona..”
“Aigoo.. Ottoke? What should we do now?” Seungmi whimper..
“At least we know about them but I don’t get any idea bout G.O hyung.. He wouldn’t open his mouth no matter how I asked him..” Thunder said again while throwing the stone into the water..

“So, there’s another problem with G.O oppa and Naz unnie right?” Seungmi wanted to confirmed it..
“Ne.. We need to do something.. I don’t like when they’re all not talking with each other.. Plus, we live under the same roof.. U know how it feels like when we’re all silent right?” Thunder replied.. Seungmi just nodded.. She really doesn’t has any idea at that time..


“Noona, come I send u home?” Mir asked her after she comes out from fitting room..
“Kwenchana.. I can take a cab..” she replied..
“If u don’t mind, could u please send Junghye home?” Joon suggested suddenly.. Mir pull Joon with him far from Dahyun and Junghye..

“Okay, I just wanna asked u this one.. I don’t wanna fight for the sake of Junghye.. Why don’t u cancel this wedding if u’re still not over her? It’s not that because I love Junghye.. But because I cared of their hearts.. Marks my word, don’t ever make Junghye cry..” Mir said while looking fiercely into Joon’s eyes.. He then leave him alone and walk back to Junghye..

“Okay noona, Joon hyung will send u home.. So, Junghye.. U don’t mind being with me right?” Mir said cheerily to avoid Junghye from expecting anything..
“Well, I guess I’ll just follow what Junghye said..” Dahyun replied..
“Unnie.. I thought that u both will be awkward together so I’ll go with Mir..” Junghye said..

Mir smile to both of them.. He laid his hand on Junghye’s shoulder and lead her out while passing Joon..

To Be Continued..

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