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Melody Love: Sheet Nineteen

Sheet 19: The day..

“Mireu.. What’s wrong with u?” Seungmi asked..
“Ah, how did u find me?” he said while covering his tears..

“I just feel weird when I’m not seeing u all day long in our class.. Are u alright?” Seungmi asked again..

“I guess u would know why.. And I guess u would expecting that I’m not okay now.. Well, yeah.. I’m not okay with this.. How could this happen to me?” he sighing..
Seungmi hold his hand.. “Me too.. I’m hoping that both of u will be together because I know how much she loves u.. But I don’t know it would be like this at the end..” she said calmly..

“This is all his fault!” Mir stand up suddenly..
“Ya! Mireu! Stop it! U don’t know what actually happens in their family so we wouldn’t know why is he keep going with this wedding.. We all know that he loves Dahyun unnie too.. Please Mir.. Please be matured now.. For Junghye, please don’t do anything bad..” Seungmi try to calm him down..

Mir sit again with his hands on his head.. “Why did I let her go 2 years ago? Ahh..” Once again his man tears fall that day.. “I know how u feel..” Seungmi suddenly hugged him.. Mir’s taken aback but he just let her be..


“Jae oppa is on his way.. What should I wear now? Dahyun-ah.. Come help me~” Naz shouting from her room..

“What? Where do u want to go? We’ll be late for their wedding..” Dahyun asked her..
“Well, I’ll go with him there.. That’s why I’m asking u what should I wear.. Aish this girl..” Naz replied..

“Did u just said that u’re gonna leave me alone?” Dahyun asked her back..
“Eh? Anio.. I’ve informed Seungmi.. They will come and pick u there.. Or else, do u wanna go with me and Jae oppa?” Naz asked her..

“Jae oppa? Ah.. Anio.. I’ll be ok with Seungmi and Thunder..” Dahyun replied and started exploring Naz’s wardrobe to find the perfect dress for her that day..


“Oppa.. Are u sure?” Junghye asked him for the last time before they both get ready for their wedding..

Joon take a deep breath.. He stare at her for a while.. “I wanna asked u before I made any decision.. Answer me honestly..” Joon said.. Junghye nodded..

“Do u worried about me or about Mir?” Joon asked carefully.. Junghye moves her eyesight.. She’s thinking for a while..

“I will cancel this if u really want me to.. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like u.. I just wanted to give u the right to choose..” Joon continue.. Junghye still looks miserable..
“And if u wanna know, from the day we’re engaged, I’ve opens my heart to you.. But u understands right? Its not easy to remove someone that we love but I’ll try to forget and removed her completely if u’re willing to be with me..” Joon explained..

“I don’t know.. I love him too.. But this is for our family.. This is to help my family right? Your parents agreed just because to help my dad.. I need to sacrifice..” Junghye said followed with teary eyes..

“Shh.. Stop it..” Joon get close to her and wipe her tears.. “U’ve enough.. Seeing u like this makes me wanna protect u more u know? I’ve fall for u Lee Junghye..” Joon confessed.. “And that’s the answer why I can’t cancel this wedding..” he continued while his hand gently strokes her hair..

“So, what do u want me to do now? I will do anything as u want.. Do u still want me to cancel this?” Joon asked her again..

Junghye look at him.. She can feel the sincerity in his eyes.. “I.. I’ll just follow whatever your decision..” she said slowly.. Joon hugged her.. “Stop crying.. Now there’s only one name in my heart.. I promise.. It’s u Lee Junghye..” Joon whispers to her.. Unknowingly, she feels really calm in his hug.. And she realized that they really are meant to be together..


‘Ding.. Dong..’

“Annyeong? Why are u here? Where’s Seungmi?” Dahyun asked as she feels weird that he’s in front of the house..

“Why? Can’t I? I’m here to pick u up..” he replied..
“Anio.. It’s just.. Forget it.. Are u alone?” Dahyun asked again..
“I’m with G.O.. Would u mind to go there with us?” Seungho said..

“Well.. Okay.. Wait for a while..” Dahyun said and quickly take her purse and locked the door.. “I’m ready now..” Dahyun said.. But Seungho still didn’t move.. “What are u waiting for? Something is wrong?” She asked him..

“U’re.. Alone?” Seungho asked..
“I guess u’re asking about Naz? Well she’s go with someone.. G.O oppa doesn’t tell u anything about her?” Dahyun replied..
“Nope.. So, u’re really alone?” Seungho still don’t understand..
“Aish.. Oppa.. What’s wrong with u? I guess I need to tell u here.. Naz is going with her fiancé.. Satisfy now?” she said..
“Jinjja?” he asked again..
“Ahh~ Somebody help me please.. Yes, but I can’t tell u more since G.O is in here too.. I’ll tell u once we’re there.. Come on.. We’ll gonna late..” Dahyun continue and pull Seungho with her to his car..


“Seungmi.. Are u alright?” Thunder asked after he see Seungmi is silent that day..
“Yeah oppa.. I’m okay..” She replied..
“But your face tell something different.. What is it actually?” Thunder said..
“Nothing oppa.. Really.. It’s just I’m feeling something.. Well, u know that one of my bestfriend is gonna be the bride while the other one is heartbreaks.. Just feeling not right..” Seungmi continued..

“I see.. So,u’re the one of the flower girls for today right? Go prepared quickly..” he pushed Seungmi.. Seungmi just replied him with a bitter smile and leave him alone.. “U can’t lie Park Seungmi.. I know u hide something from me..” he said in his heart after Seungmi lost from his side..


Their wedding on that day runs smoothly.. And now Joon and Junghye are husband and wife..
Everyone applauds as them kissed each other.. Everyone but someone’s missing.. Seungmi realized it.. She quickly went out to find him.. And at the roadside she found him..

“Mireu.. What are u doing here?” She asked..
Mir quickly turns to her.. “I don’t think I can stay there any longer.. After hearing she said ‘I do’ really makes me feels like I’m drowning.. So, I better left that place..” he explains..
Mir continue walking along the roadside slowly.. Seungmi silently following him too.. After a while, Mir turns to her.. “By any chance, why are u here?” Mir asked her.. She’s taken aback.. Don’t know what should she explains.. “Well.. I.. I’m just feeling like wanna get some fresh air..” she said..
“Okay then..” he replied and continue walking.. Seungmi still following him unintentionally..


“So, the bride will now throw the flowers.. Gather around everyone..”

“Unnie! Take this!” Junghye shouted as she throw the bucket of flowers..
“Did u get it?” Seungho comes to her..
“No.. She did” Dahyun replied and both of them looking at Naz..

“Don’t u happy?” Jaejoong asked her..
“Ah, ne.. Of course I’m happy oppa..” she replied but her face expression did not tell that she’s happy.. She can feel that someone’s keep an eye on her.. She look at the one side.. Yes, G.O is watching at her from the beginning but he quickly look elsewhere when she look at him.. Naz sighing.. She confused with her own feeling..
“So, u will be the next bride ne?” Dahyun cheerily comes to her.. Naz just bitterly smile and walk away..

“Aish.. What’s wrong with her..” Dahyun complaining alone.. But Seungho suddenly poke her gently.. He points to G.O.. “That’s the reason why she isn’t happy..” Seungho whispers..

“Noona.. Did u see Seungmi?” Thunder suddenly comes..
“Seungmi? She with u before right? I don’t see her either..” Dahyun replied..
“Ah.. Where is she now?” Thunder said and leave them..
“Oh, yeah.. Now I got it.. Seungmi is missing.. That’s why I feel like we’re lack one person.. Where in the world is she now?” Dahyun continue..


“So.. When is your turn?” G.O asked her..
“Ah.. U.. I.. I don’t know..” She answered carelessly..
“Whatever it is, I hope u’re happy with your choice.. Don’t u wanna said anything to me?” G.O asked her..
“I.. Thanks..” she answered shortly.. She really is nervous right now..
“Well, I guess u have nothing to say anymore right? Jyaa.. I go first.. Don’t forget me on your wedding day..” G.O said and walk slowly leave her..

“Byunghee!” she shouted his name.. G.O stopped..
“I need to tell u something..” Naz said..


“Park Seungmi.. So, u’re here..” he said when arriving at both of them.. Both Seungmi and Mir shocked..

“Oppa.. How did u find me?” Seungmi asked..
“I know something is wrong..” Thunder replied.. Mir didn’t show any interest in both of them..

“This is related to him right? Because of Mir..” Thunder continue.. Mir turns to both of them..

To Be Continued..

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