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Melody Love: Sheet Sixteen

Sheet 16: The broken heart..

“U guys are great!” Seungmi shouted as soon as they come to their seat.. The boys smile widely.. “Wait.. Why is everyone here?” G.O started the conversation after they’ve been silent for a while.. “Today is the special day for all of u.. I know that u’re all missing each other.. Me too.. So, we’ve arrange this tonight..” Seungmi replied..

“Lee Joon..” Dahyun called him after realize that he didn’t said anything to her since they met.. He really can’t hide his expression when Dahyun call his name.. He missed her so much but he’s now someone else fiancé.. He don’t know how to tell her about that..

“Joonie-ah.. Are u alright?” Dahyun asked him after everybody’s leaving them two..
“I miss u so much..” he said but his eyes can meet her eyes..
“Something happens right? I’m glad that u made it.. U can be an entertainer now.. ” Dahyun said..
“Yeah.. Thanks..” He replied shortly..
“So.. I’m going now..” Dahyun can’t stand it anymore.. They look really awkward together..
“I’m sorry Dahyunnie..” Joon said and grab her hand..
“For what? U already have someone doesn’t u?” she said without turning to him..
“I’m really sorry.. My parents engaged me..” He replied weakly..
“And u didn’t say anything?”
“I’ve tried but I can’t..” Joon replied back.. Dahyun look at him and she pushed his hand.. She walk away without saying anything..

Mir is walking with Junghye around the college..
“I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t said that to u before..” Mir break the silent among them..
“Kwenchana.. Thanks to u that I can become a new person..” Junghye replied..

“U know that I missed u all of this time.. From the time u’re going without telling me everything, I know that I need u so very much.. My life isn’t complete without a girl named Lee Junghye.. So, please forgive me?” He said while facing her..
Junghye smile.. “Well.. I do really hurt because of u Mireu.. But that’s already become a history in my life.. And u’re forgiven..” she replied.. Calm and cheerily..

“I’ve wrong.. Do u still have a place for me in your heart?” Mir asked her..
Junghye stop walking.. Her head down.. “Don’t u love Seungmi?” she asked in a low tone..
“I do love her.. But I love u too Hye.. I’ve decided to give her up since she can live happily with Thunder.. Seeing her like that is enough for me.. But I need to pay back what have I done to u.. Will u be mine Lee Junghye?” Mir hold her shoulder.. He looks deeply into her eyes..

Junghye can’t exchange eye contact with him anymore.. Yes, she will say yes if she following what’s in her heart.. But she realize that she’s somebody else fiancé now.. She couldn’t be with him.. Junghye pushed him.. Her eyes teary.. “I’m getting married..” she stand still.. She can’t think of anything at that time.. Mir’s taken aback.. He couldn’t believe what had she said just now.. Being far apart for 2 years.. Hoping for the time that she will come back and this is what he got for waiting all of this time? He kneeled down..

“Mianhe Mireu..” Junghye also kneeled on the ground facing him..
“Who is it?” he asked..
“Joonie oppa..” Jungye replied worriedly..
“Are u for real?” Mir lift her face up.. Tears already flow rapidly.. She only can nodded.. He hugged her tightly.. This time she can feel his sincerity.. His hug is really warm.. Really can make her feel comfortable.. And the fact that they couldn’t be together makes her tears continue flowing.. Without she realize, Mir also can’t hold it back too.. His man’s tears also fall down..
“If anything happens, I’m always here for u Lee Junghye..” he said it slowly.. The snow falls on them that night.. The night that both of their heart were broke..

“Hey.. Are u alone?” He greet her after observing her from the start..
“Ne? I wanted to get some fresh air here..” Naz replied..
“Can I sit beside u?” G.O asked..
“I think this is a public place.. So u don’t need my permission to sit here too..” Naz teased him..

“So, Miss cartoonist now has a lot of humor..” he replied and sit beside her..
“U know it too?” Naz can’t believe that he know that..
“Well.. I’m doing some research before coming to u..” he replied and both of them laughed..

“U’re doing good now?” G.O asked her again..
“As u can see.. I’m still me.. U are great! I couldn’t believe that u’ve become an artist now..” she replied..
“But I need someone to share everything about me..” G.O whisperings but Naz really can hear it clearly..

“How’s Jooyeon now?” Naz try to dig about his personal life..
“Jooyeon? Molla.. She’s doing great in States.. I don’t think she will be back here again..”
“When are you guys going to get married?” she tried again..
G.O shocked.. He look at her and smile.. “We don’t have anything anymore.. From that night, we both decided to take our own path.. But I couldn’t tell u because u’re leaving so soon..”

Naz look at him.. Her face changed.. “Are u alright?” G.O asked her..
“Ah, ne.. I’m alright..” Naz replied while looking down..
“So, let me send u home?” G.O hold her hand..
“It’s ok.. I come with Dahyun and I can go back with her..”
“Something is not right.. I know it.. Don’t u wanna tell me?” G.O still didn’t give up.. He really know her..

‘Truut.. Truut..’ Her phone ringing..
“Yeobseyo? Oppa? Ah, ne.. I’ll be going there now.. Wait for a while..”

G.O take a look at her after she finished.. “Are u going back now?” he asked..
Naz didn’t answer straight away.. She take a deep breath and then she look at him.. 

“Come with me.. U need to meet him..” Naz said and stand up..
“Who is it?” G.O asked.. “U will know..” she replied shortly and continue walking with G.O following him..

“So, where is everyone?” Thunder asked..
“I don’t know.. Let them be.. They’re all missing each other..” Seungmi replied..
“Your idea are really good.. Now they can meet the one that they really love after being apart for about 2 years..” Thunder continue..

“I’m hoping that they are all doing good..” Seungmi sighing..
“Why are u saying that?”
“I don’t know.. But something is not right.. The most obvious is Joonie oppa.. Why did he just stay silent after not seeing Dahyun unnie for a long time? And Naz unni also.. But most of all, I really wanna see Junghye and Mir doing good.. I’m really hope for that..” Seungmi explained..

Thunder just nodded.. And he can see that Seungho is alone at the corner with his iPhone.. “Jagiya, I’ll keep him company.. Will u be ok?” Thunder asked her..
“Ne, I’ll be ok..” She smile..

“Oppa.. Sorry for make u waiting here..” Naz said as soon as she see him..
“Kwenchana..” he just smile..
“Ah, oppa.. Meet my buddies here.. Jung Byunghee..” Naz said while pointing to G.O..
They both shake hands.. “And this is Jae oppa.. Kim Jaejoong.. My fiancé..” Naz said but her eyes can’t see G.O’s..

“Nice meeting u..” G.O said calmly but in his heart, only God knows.. He really feels like his in the dark..
“So, Byunghee.. Nice meeting u too.. Excuse us?” Jaejoong said.. G.O just nodding.. He wanna leave that place as soon as possible..

“Hyung.. Alone?” Thunder said to him..
“Well.. It looks like that.. Everybody got their partner and I’m leaving alone..” he said and laugh..
“There are a lot of beautiful girls here.. Want me to introduce to u one?” Thunder teased him..
“No thanks.. I don’t fall in love easily..” he said and stand up..

“Ah, Seungho hyung! U’ve dropped something..” Thunder called him.. He can see a photo of a couple but he couldn’t see clearly..

“What is it?” Seungho asked from far.. Thunder’s going to pick the photo and give it to him..

“So, that’s why u don’t fall in love easily? I thought that was Soyeon noona..” Thunder said and wink to him..

“Please don’t tell this to anyone? Even Seungmi..”

“Hyung.. That noona needs to know it.. But don’t worry.. I wouldn’t tell anyone in this mean time.. But if anything happens, I couldn’t help but tell her myself..” Thunder whisper to him.. Seungho wanted to hit him but he already left..

To Be Continued..

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