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Melody Love: Sheet Seventeen

Sheet 17: It’s hurt..

“Oppa.. Is Dahyun unnie alright?” Junghye asked..
“Molla..” he replied without looking at her..
“Are u mad at me?” Junghye asked again..
“For what?!” he replied with a high tone..
“I’m ok if u wanna cancel our engagement.. U deserve to choose your love one..” Junghye continue with her face down..
“I.. I’m sorry Junghye.. I’m not in a good mood.. This is not the right time to discuss about this.. Don’t ask me anything..” Joon try to control his temper..
“It will not working if both of our hearts are on somebody else..” Junghye still talking about that..

‘Bamp!’ Someone’s open the door..
“Are u guys alright?” Seungmi asked and come in..
“Are we too loud?” Junghye asked back..
“No.. Everybody’s started going home now.. I just wanna take a look around here and I heard u guys here.. Junghye, something’s wrong?” Seungmi pretend as if she don’t know anything even she heard everything before..
Junghye didn’t say anything.. She looks at Joon who is still didn’t turn to them.. “Joon oppa?” Seungmi tried to call him..

He turns and look at Junghye.. “Is Dahyun still here?” the first word from him to Seungmi after being silent for a while..
“I don’t know oppa.. Okay, I’m sorry for disturbing u guys.. But everything can be solved by discussing right? I don’t really know what are the problems but u both are my friends.. I hope I can help u..” Seungmi try to cool down the situation..
“I’m going to find her.. Junghye.. I’m sorry for just now..” Joon said and leave the classroom immediately..

“Ah, Joonie hyung!” Thunder bumped into him at the front door.. Joon just continue walking after look at him for a while..

“What’s going on?” Thunder asked both Seungmi and Junghye.. Junghye sit on the chair..
“It’s not working oppa..” Seungmi replied..
“Waeyo? Junghye?” Thunder didn’t understand..

“I’m getting married oppa.. Two weeks from now..” Junghye explained shortly..
“And what’s wrong with Joon hyung?” he asked again..
“He’s her fiancé..” Seungmi replied..
“What? For real? Why are none of us know anything?” He confused..
“It’s so soon.. He also don’t know that he’s going to be engaged with me.. It’s our parents’ thing..”

“Oppa! Where are u going?” Seungmi shouted when Thunder is rushing out..
“I’ve something to tell Seungho hyung..” he said and continue running somewhere..

Seungmi look deeply into Junghye.. “Is this going to be ok?” she asked..
“I don’t know..” Junghye replied shortly..
“How about Mir? Did he know?” Seungmi asked again..
“I’ve told him..”
“Is he alright? Doesn’t u love him?” Seungmi asked more..
“There’s nothing we could do now.. I’ve agree with this engagement and Joon oppa also say yes.. And our parents have started preparing for the wedding..” She explained weakly..


“Going home?” she’s being disturbed with that voice.. She turns back.. “Ah, ne.. What are u doing here?” She asked..
“I’m going home too.. Let me send u home?” He asked..
“Why are u walking? Didn’t u come with a car?” She asked back..
“G.O  leaves me there..” he replied..
“I see..” she replied shortly with a nod and continue walking in silent..

“Ah, sorry.. Suddenly my throat wants some water.. Could u please wait for a while?” He said after they passed a convenient store.. Dahyun just nodded and smile bitterly..

After waiting for a while.. “I’m sorry.. Here, take this.. I don’t like have coffee alone..” Seungho said and passed a can water to her..
“But I don’t drink coffee..” Dahyun replied..
“I know..” he covers his mouth.. “I mean, I bought juice for u..” he said..
“Thanks..” Dahyun replied weakly and sit together with him on the road side..
Only silent covers the night.. “So, until when are u going to stay here?” Seungho started to talk again..

“I don’t know maybe until their wedding day..” Dahyun replied while looking far in the front..
“Their wedding day? Joon and Junghye?” he tried to make her tell it herself..
Dahyun nodded and her head down.. She can’t continue her words.. Seungho feels bad for asking.. He blame himself that time..

“I’m sorry oppa..” she said and quickly walked away but he hold her..
“There’s a fact that we can throw away some of our problems by sharing it with someone else..” he said while holding her hand.. He get close to her.. “I could be your ears Lee Dahyun.. Tell me everything that u wanted to get rid of..” he whisper..


“Ah, u guys are home already?” Thunder said after come in.. But their house is pale that day.. Not as bright and lively as usual.. Now he know what Seungmi means by their plan isn’t working.. The most obvious is G.O who didn’t said even a word to greet him home..

“Joon and Seungho hyung still didn’t come back?” he wanted to make the house breath once again.. But G.O quickly get into his room and Mir walk from the sofa to his room..

“Joon hyung better not come back tonight..” Mir said before going in..
Thunder shake his head.. He know that they’re all in troubles now..


‘Ding Dong’

Naz rushed opens the door.. “U? What are u doing here?” she shocked seeing him in front of her house..
“I’m sending her home.. Call me if anything happens..” Seungho replied..

“Oppa.. Thanks..” Dahyun said before shut the door.. Seungho just smile.. “I’m always be here for u..” he said and walk back..

“Dahyunnie? Something is wrong?” Naz asked her quickly after she comes in..
Dahyun sighing and take a sit.. “I don’t know wether I should be happy or vice versa..”

“For what I see, u should be happy.. He’s approaching u now right?” Naz said..
“I know.. But all of this time I tried to opens my heart for only Joon.. And when I’ve done it, he hurts me..  He broke his promises..” Dahyun continued..

“Okay.. I don’t get the idea.. What’s actually happens?” Naz sit beside her.. Waiting for her explanation..
“Joon is getting married..”
“Jinjja? Are u serious?” Naz’s taken aback..
Dahyun nodded.. “What’s make my heart hurts more is .. The girl is Junghye.. I just couldn’t accept it..” she continued..

Naz suddenly feel the burden too..
“Do u think that Byunghee is going to be ok?” she asked Dahyun suddenly..
“What? Waeyo?”
“I’ve hurt him too.. Exactly the same as what’s Joon done to u.. I’ve engaged..” Naz tells the truth..
“What are u saying now? Why didn’t u tell me anything before?” Dahyun shake her shoulder..

“I thought that they’re going to get married.. That’s why I’m going to Japan so sudden two years ago.. And when my parents wanted to engage me with Jae oppa, I just accept it because he loves me so much and I wanna forget Byunghee..” she explained.. Her tears followed the explanation..

“Ahhhh.. What’s wrong with all of us now? Did u explain this to him?”
“No.. He didn’t pick up his phone now.. I don’t know what else should I do..”
“Naz.. Hear me.. He really loves u.. And how did he know that u’re engaged?” Dahyun asked..

“I’ve introduce him to Jae oppa..” she replied with a regret..
“U what? Aish.. I understand how it feels like.. And even if I wanted to help u, at this time I cannot think of anything because I’m hurt too.. He didn’t explain anything to me.. U know how hurt I am?” Dahyun show her anger..

“And Dahyun-shii.. Did u ever think about Junghye? Do u think that she really wanna do this?” Naz replied.. They exchanged gaze for a while.. “I need to sleep..” Dahyun replied and quickly get into her room to avoid the fight..


“Do u still love her?” Joon asked after coming in.. Seungho who is facing his pc didn’t show any reaction..
“U really are using this time..” Joon asked continuously..
“Why? Are u jealous? U’re the one who didn’t appreciate what u’ve got.. U really are expert in breaking women’s heart don’t u?” Seungho said without turning to him..

Joon really can’t say anything.. He walked to his room.. But suddenly Mir’s show up..
“Don’t u ever hurt her.. Let her go if u still love Dahyun noona.. Don’t hold Junghye just because of your benefit.. Think about her heart too..”

Joon glancing at Mir..Thunder quickly comes out to prevent anything bad..

To Be Continued..

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