Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well.. This is really NOTHING!
It's just me overly excited over this small thing.. So just can't hide my excitement when LeeU is tweeting while I'm in there.. Luv that moment so very much! LeeU saranghae~~

So.. I'm just talking nonsense at first.. And then Yejun and Jinon tweeting good night..
That's the time I'm started talking about LeeU..
And I'm stalking his
I've found his pic with Kan.. So sweet~~

Ouh~Kan is beautiful! And LeeU looks younger than him.. Is it just in my eyes?keke~

And Also found this pic.. Sweeettttnesss overload!!~kyaaa~~

And then one time LeeU is tweeting and at that moment we're together..lalala~
So, my mood today is various.. F-Cuz,U-kiss.. and still can't leave my blaqies^^

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