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The Second Option - Class 15


“Princess!” Jiahee’s choked her coffee because of that voice.

“Yah! You could kill me you know?” Jiahee voiced out her anger while wiping the spilled coffee on her table.

“Mian.. I just wanna make a surprise appearance. The class have ended rite?” G.O asked her.

Jiahee clears her throat. “Why are you here? Wanna ask me out once again?”

“Wow! How did you know? Guess you already saw what’s in my heart?” G.O teased her.

“Stop it. I can’t go out cuz I’ll have meeting after this about the club.” Jiahee replied with an annoyed face.

“The meeting won’t be that long till dinner rite? Would you go to a dinner with me tonight? It’s my company annual dinner and they wouldn’t let me in if I didn’t bring my partner.” G.O makes it clear. He really hopes that she will go with him.

“I guess Seungho can also be your partner ne?” 

G.O knew that she will use that excuse. “Aigoo.. To tell you the truth, if I went with Seungho again this year, they will call us as gay couple because he’s been with me to that dinner since 3 years ago. Please Jiahee? I would do anything just to make you say yes.” G.O shows his puppy eyes.

“You sure won’t give up till I say yes rite? I will, but on one condition.”

“Name it!” G.O seems excited. He will just do anything for this girl.

“Noona?” Both G.O and Jiahee turned to the front door.

“Yes? What can I do for you?” Jiahee asked when she sees him stuck there after seeing G.O.

“I’m sorry, am I disturbing you both?” Aron paused in doubt.

“Ah, no.. Just ignore me. As if I’m not exist.” G.O replied before Jiahee and he slowly walked out to give space for those two.

“Noona, my parents will be home today and they planned to have a party for my birthday tonight. They asked me to invite my new friends over so that they will get to know people around me too. Will you be there tonight?” 

“Wait, when is it?” Jiahee wanna make sure.

“Tonight. I really hope that you can make it. Please noona?” 
“That.. I really wanted to but I’m sorry.. Really sorry because I’ve already promised to be on my friend’s dinner tonight.” Jiahee hesitated.

“I guess I’m just a little too late.. It’s okay, don’t worry noona.. But you can still come after the dinner.” Aron is still hoping. 

“I.. I can’t make sure to be there.. I’m really sorry Aron.” It’s hard for her to say no to him but she has no choice, she promised to be with G.O first.

“Well, it’s not your fault noona, don’t apologize. So, I’ll get going now. See you again noona.” Aron ends his word with a very bright smile. He walked away.

“Aron!” Jiahee calls him before he lost from her side.


“Saengil chukahae! I’ll make sure to buy you something later.” 

Aron just smile back and continue walking away. Jiahee sighing.

“So you refused his invitation just because of me?”Jiahee’s taken aback.

“You’re still here?” she asked him.

“Wae? Did I say that I’ll go home? How can I just go without saying anything to you?” G.O replied.

“Aish.. You’re annoying.”

“I’m annoying but you still want to be with me rite?”

Jiahee pushed him a bit. “Stop it, the meeting will start now. I need to go so I’ll meet you tonight.”
Jiahee took her bag and files and pushed G.O out of her office.

“I’ll see you tonight princess!” he shouted a bit. “Hush!” Jiahee turned and walked to the music room.


“Minhyun! Did you see Ren anywhere?”

“Me? I’m searching for him too. Where did he go?” Minhyun replied while looking round.

“His bag also not here. Do you think that he has returned home already?” Baekho’s looking around Ren’s seat.

“Molla.. Baekho-ah, did you two fought?”

“No we’re not. But he seems different these days, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Baekho replied and sat in front of Minhyun.

“Think back, did you do something that he doesn’t like?” Minhyun closed his text book and pack his bag.

“I’m not so sure..  How about you?” Baekho asked back.

“I don’t.. Wait! Miss Junghye! You know where her house is rite?”
“Yea, waeyo? Ah! Did you think what I think?” Baekho quickly stands up. Followed by Minhyun.

“Yes I am. Let’s go to her house now!” they both rushed there.


Junghye’s step stopped before she arrived in front of her house. She saw a guy with a hoodie sitting with his head on his knees. She walked in slowly and paused in front of him. ‘Is he sleeping?’

She bent her body down a bit. “Excuse me? May I help you?”

She wakes him up. He lift up his head, gently rubbed his eyes with his fingers. “Ren?”

“Miss Junghye? I’m waiting for you..” he replied.

“How long have you been here? Why didn’t you just meet me at the school? Come inside first. It’s hot out here.” Junghye unlocked the door and ask him in.

“Here.” Junghye hands him a glass of orange juice. Ren thanked her and take a sip.

“Miss..” Ren clears his throat. “Have you heard Minhyun’s song yet?” he asked.

“Minhyun? He asked me to but I still didn’t have time to listen to it. Wae?”

“Nothing.. Did Baekho..” he hesitated. Junghye moves her eyebrows, signaling him to finished his word.

“Baekho gave you something rite? Like chocolates and cupcakes?”

Junghye chuckled. “You’re cute. Why are you asking those things?”

“Ah, I’m sorry miss. Actually, I have something to give you too..” he search for something inside his bag.

“You too?”

“Of course, take this miss.. I made it myself..” Ren took out a small container and opened it for Junghye.

“Wow! Butter cookies! You know how to make this?”

“Noona don’t eat it!” Baekho suddenly comes from nowhere.

“Why did you do this Ren?” Minhyun comes closer and took the cookies from Ren’s hand harshly.

Junghye looks puzzled. She stands up. “ What’s wrong with you both?” she look at both Minhyun and Baekho.

“Noona, you don’t understand. Just leave it to us.” Baekho comes closer too.

“Why are you guys here? I thought you guys are busy. How did you find me?” Ren finally speak up.

“Minki-ah, listen. She’s not her. She didn’t have anything to do with you or your brother. It’s already over.” Baekho tries to persuade Ren.

“You said it like that because you’ve been in her spell just like how Seungcheol does. She might do something similar to you and Minhyun.. She already separate Joon and Dahyun, remember?” Ren’s expression suddenly changed from innocent and adorable to malicious and full of hatred.

“Wha.. What is this?” Junghye’s feeling uncomfortable. She knows something is not rite somewhere.

“Miss just stay there, I will protect you.” Minhyun stands right in front of her, facing the unconscious Ren.

“Minhyun! You’re protecting her instead of me?” Ren’s voice is higher this time.

“Minki-ah, stop it. I said she’s not her! How else should I explain to you that she already died? You did it, you gave her the poisoned cookies, she ate it and she died! Get a hold of yourself and get back to your sense Choi Minki!” Baekho looks straight into his eyes.

Ren’s eyes teary. “Where is Seungcheol?” he asked in a low tone. Baekho hugged him.

“You might lose him but you have us. Me and Minhyun will always be by your side. Remember this Ren, we will never leave you alone. I'm sorry, I will spent more time with you after this..”

Minhyun turned to Junghye. “I’m sorry for this mess. Ren actually has a twin, Choi Seungcheol, but he died a year ago because of a girl named Jinah. She’s your age and she studied at your college. She said that she will be a teacher at our school once she finished her education major course there. Because of too many similarities between you and her, Ren’s trauma has come again. For the time being, Baekho and I will not see you. It’s for your both own good. I hope you understand miss.”

Junghye’s become numb by shocked. How can she even imagine that Ren has come though so much pain? Now she knows, Ren actually afraid of losing Minhyun and Baekho. He already gone through that stage before and he just wanna take a good care of them both.

“Kwenchana, just take a look at him and make sure he’s alright. I’m sorry for his lose.” Junghye said to Minhyun.

“Miss, I will come meet you again when he’s back to his npormal condition. Just wait for me till then.” Minhyun replied and took Ren’s bag with him.


The bell rang. “Jiahee! Your date is here!” Dahyun said and quickly runs to open the door.

“Hello Miss Dahyun, would you let me pick up my date please?” 

“Ahh~ Lucky Jiahee.. Yes you can but what will I get?” Dahyun tries to play with him.

“Seriously? Do you think I will take Jiahee and leave you alone? Yours will come too after this.” G.O replied while taking out his phone.

“Wait! Don’t do it!” Dahyun quickly took his phone. G.O chuckled. 

“Why are you so nervous? I didn’t even said anything yet.” Dahyun pouts.

“So may I have my phone back miss? Or do you want to call him by mine?” G.O teased her.

“Here! Take this and don’t even think of doing anything that will make him come here.” Dahyun put the phone onto his hand.

“Why didn’t you ask him in?” Jiahee showed up.

“Dahyun don’t wanna let me in. She said that I can’t see you until you’re done.” G.O replied and wink to Dahyun. Dahyun widened her eyes.

“Jiahee, take a good care of yourself. Call me ASAP if he ever do something.” G.O laughs upon Dahyun’s word to Jiahee.

“I know, you’re the one who should take care dear. You’re alone. Call me if you need anything.” Jiaheereplied with a smile.

“No, she won’t be alone long.” G.O whispered but Dahyun can hear it.

“Yah! Stop it!”

“Aigoo.. Stop teasing her, or I wouldn’t go with you.” Jiahee look intensely into G.O eyes.

“Arasso.. I’ll do anything for my princess. Stay safe Dahyunnie, I’ll take her home on time.” G.O said and walked Jiahee to his car.

“So, where do you wanna go princess?” G.O asked as they both get in the car.

“I thought we gonna go for your company’s annual dinner?” Jiahee puzzled.

“I know, but if you wanna go to that birthday party, I will go with you..”

“What do you mean?” Jiahee asked.

To Be Continued..

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