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My Forever Mine - Part 1

::My Forever Mine 1::

“We have decided.. Did U guys see the two girls on the entrance?”
Both G.O and Seungho eyes locked on both of the girls. “The girls in blue and the one with ponytails.. G.o hyung, choose one and make her fall for you. We give you a month.”
“Wait.. Just a month? How could I..” G.O hesitated. “Yeah A MONTH. Of course it’s hard cuz we’re now betting~” “Good luck hyung!” Thunder said before leaving together with Mir and Joon.

G.O sighed. He look at Seungho. “Ah, wae? Don’t look at me like that. It’s you who started this thing and now don’t force me to help you.” “Aish.. Okay, fine.. I’ll do this alone. By the way, you seem interested with that ponytail girl. I wonder what will happen if I’m seducing her?” he teased Seungho. “Ya! Did you dare enough to do that?” “Ouw~ Chill man. Just kidding~” G.o laughing so much. And now he can involved Seungho together with him to get to know both of the girls.


“Jiahee~~ please?? Let’s go in just once?” Dahyun pleaded. “Ahhhhhh!! This is the seventh time you begging me today you know? Aigoo. I’m tired already.” “Sorry, I just can’t hold myself when I see those shoes. Okay, I’ll go there alone. You wait for me here for a while ne? Just wait a bit Jiahee dear~~” Dahyun said and quickly run into the shop.

“Aigoo.. Where did that energy come to her? We’ve walk for about five hours and yet, she still has a lot of energy.” Jiahee talks alone and sat on the bench in front of the shop. Not long after that.. “Ah, Mister!!” Jiahee call for a guy that just passed her. “Yeah? Me?” he turned to her. “I..” ‘yah! Why did my heart beat faster? I just can’t talk. I can’t do anything because he’s too charming. But, wait. Jiahee~ control yourself. Don’t looks too clumsy on this first impression. Stay cool..’ she tried to calm herself. She clear her throat. “This, this is yours right?” she said and hand him a book that he dropped just now.
He quickly opened his bag and checked for something. “Well, yeah. I guess that is mine. It’s one of my precious collections. Thanks so much.” He said and walked close to her. “Wait, isn’t this a limited edition? The special edition of Fairy Tail right?” Jiahee then realized about the book that she hold. “Ne, seems like you’re a fan too, miss….?” “Jiahee. Lee Jiahee..” she replied and shake his hand. “Nice name. I’m Byunghee.. Jung Byunghee.” He replied with a smile.


“Only this?” “Yes, this one.. How much?” “20,000 won.” The girl at the counter said while packing the shoes. “Ah, where’s my purse?” Dahyun said while still searching for her purse. “How much?” a guy then come close and asked the cashier. “20,000 won” “Here.” he paid for that.

“Wait, who are you?” Dahyun still confused. “Nobody. Just help you paid for this.” he replied and hand off the paper bag to her. Still froze, Dahyun just look at him without blinking. He left just like that. But then he turned back to her. “Next time please take care of your belongings Miss Lee Dahyun.” he handed her purse back. With a smile he walk away from her.

“Yah! What are you waiting for?” Jiahee poke her. “I.. That guy.. Ah.. I don’t know what has happened! I lost my purse but then..” she stutter. “Dahyunnie! Wake up please~” Jiahee slap her slightly and drag her out of the shop.

“Wait, isn’t that limited edition of Fairy Tail? Where did you get that? You said that it’s been sold out since two weeks ago?” Dahyun finally back to her normal state. “This? My prince charming gave this to me. I’ll take you to meet him this weekend so make sure your weekend is just for me.” Jiahee said and started her car.


“Cheolyong-ah, thanks for the book. I let her borrowed it, you don’t mind right?” G.o sat next to Mir on the sofa. “What? Your 1st plan success? Manga lover will surely fall for that trick.” Mir replied.

‘Ding Dong~’ “I’ll get it!” Thunder shouted and opened the door. “Annyeong, oppa.” Junghye showed up with a smile. “Joonie hyung! Your sister is here!!” Thunder shouted and bring Junghye to the living room. “Yah, what did you bring this time?” Mir suddenly excited upon seeing Junghye. “You’re excited for mum’s cooking right? I won’t let you get this. This is for all oppas in this house except you MirMon.” Junghye replied and showed her tongue. Mir wanted to chase her but Joon suddenly comes and stopped him. “Stop it Cheolyong. She’s my sister. Behave yourself or I’ll blacklist your name from my in law list.”


 “ Annyeong-haseyo.” G.O greet them. “Annyeong~ come take a sit. This is my bestfriend, Dahyun. And Dahyun, this is Byunghee.” Jiahee introduce them. “And this is..?” Jiahee pointed to a guy beside G.O. “Ah, let me introduce. This is my soul twin, Seungho.” Seungho takes off his cap and bowed. “Yah, you??” Dahyun’s eyes widen. “Did you guys know each other?” Seungho just smile and sit beside her but Dahyun seems like she didn’t satisfy why is he here. “Jiahee, this guy. That day..” before she could say the real situation on the shoe shop that day, Seungho silently grab her hand and she quickly paused her words. “YOU!” Dahyun turned her face to Seungho and they’re now facing each other. Seungho makes an eye sign to not tell them about what has happened that day or else he wouldn’t let go of her hand.

“Wow! You guys looks like you know each other so much.” G.O said seeing them like that. Dahyun then gives up and just stay silent. “Yeah, we’ve met once before.” Seungho replied. “Ah, I left the book inside the car. Excuse myself for a while, I’ll be back.” Jiahee said to all of them. “Jiahee! I’ll go with you.” Dahyun quickly stand up. “Kwenchana, you just stay here. Let me go with her.” G.O grab Jiahee’s arm and quickly pulls her out. 

“Now you just need to stay here with me.” Seungho teased her. “Ahhhhh!! Why must I be alone with you? The guy that steal my purse that day. I don’t like you!” Dahyun protest. Seungho take a look on her legs. “Yah! What are you doing now?” Dahyun feel uncomfortable. “As expected, that shoes just suit you well. You have a great sense.” he after observing her legs for a while. ‘What? This guy is actually remember about the shoes that I bought that day?’ “Okay, let me settle this misunderstanding now. I know that you wouldn’t accept if I wanna pay for you for this shoes so I silently take your purse when you’re concentrating on trying all the shoes that day. And I gave you your purse back right? So, please stop saying that I’m a bad person.” he said seriously. Dahyun puzzled. ‘and why did he wanna pay for this? This guy is really weird.’


“Sorry, did you hurt?” G.O asked after released her arm. “A little. Why are you doing this?” “I’m really sorry that I hurt your arm. I just wanted to give them a time together. Isn’t they looks like they’re playing pull and push? Plus, I wanna spend my time with only you even just a couple minutes.” G.O replied with a smile. ‘yah, stop smiling like that. I will hug you if you’re always smiling to me like that.’ “Okay, I accept your reasons.” After walking for a while, G.O then stopped her “What if we just leave them two?” he suggested. “What? Are you crazy? Andwae! What if your friend do something to Dahyun? And how will he return home?” Jiahee against it. “Haha. You’re worried too much. I know him well. Didn’t I said that he’s my soul twin? He’s just a lot like me. I can guarantee that Dahyun will surely return home safely before 9p.m.. Jiahee still didn’t believe him. “Aigoo, this is his number. And this is our address. Also, his plat number is here. Take this, make police report using this info if you’re worried about her after this.” Looking at his sincerity, Jiahee’s heart now become soft a bit. “Okay, I’ll give only this day. If anything happens, I won’t let both of you go.” G.O smiled. "Yes madam~"


“Dahyunnie, I’m sorry I need to go now. You can go home with Seungho right?”
“Yah, I’ll tell him. Don’t worry, I have many info about him. Passed the phone to him.”
Dahyun look at Seungho. “A call for you.” Dahyun said shortly and pass the phone to him.
“Don’t you ever do anything bad to her. Send her home before 9p.m. Arasso?”
“Ne.. Ne.. Er, can I speak to Byunghee?” he stutter.
“Seungho-ah, use your time wisely. Make sure to send her back on time.”
“Got it. Thanks~”

“Why do I need to spend my weekend with this stranger? Aish~” Dahyun mumbling alone after take her cell phone. “Well.. Let’s walk around the mall first before going back home?” Seungho try to lighten the atmosphere. Dahyun didn’t reply him. ‘Aish, she so cold. This ice princess.’ “I’ve paid for this, so let’s go somewhere else?” Seungho asked her again. “If you don’t have anything to buy, quickly send me home after this.” She replied without looking at him.

While they’re walking, suddenly they saw a boy crying beside the elevator. “You wait here for a while.” He said and rushed to that boy. Seeing him like that with the boy, makes her feel like she’s looking for an angel. This arrogant-looking guy has this side of himself? Slowly her heart feels guilty for treating him coldly before. Seungho then come with the boy. “He separated from his parents. Let’s take him to the information center.” “He’s so cute. What’s your name dear?” Dahyun asked while the boy still in Seungho’s embrace. He stopped crying once Seungho hold him. That boy laid his head on Seungho’s shoulder, don’t wanna talk to Dahyun. Dahyun pouted. Seungho smiling. “Looks like you he don’t wanna be bother now. This is 5 years old Yoogeun. Yoogeun-ah, if you said that I’m your uncle, then this is your aunt. Arasso?” just like a father, he makes the boy calm. “Yoogeun-ah, let’s get an ice cream?” Dahyun still didn’t give up. Yoogeun now raised his head and look at Dahyun. He smile. “Let’s go! This uncle will buy us an ice cream ne?” Dahyun said to Yoogeun.


“Where is Cheolyong? He asked my permission to go out with my sister, Junghye today.” Joon asked Thunder. “Are you sure? I thought he’s going out with Seungmi?” Thunder asked back. “Did he has something with your little sister?” “Seungmi? I don’t know but seems like he do.” “Yah, don’t you think that Cheolyong is playing with a fire? Did he date both our sister?” Joon seems angry a bit. “Molla. But if he does, I won’t let him go.” Thunder continued.

“Don’t ask me why, I just wanna be alone until tomorrow morning.” Seungho comes in with a smile. And then go into his room while both Joon and Thunder still freeze looking at him like that. “I know that my choice is always perfect.” Seungho talks alone and laid his body on his bed. He remembered back what has happened today.

“Yoogeun-ah, which one did u want?” he asked. Yoogeun seems confused with a lot of choices in there but then Dahyun pointed to the colourful one and look at Yoogeun. “That one!” Yoogeun said excitedly. “Miss, three cups of this ne?” he said. “Is this your son? Your wife really are pretty. Suits you well.” The girl on the ice cream shop said to him after he paid for that all.


“G.O hyung, how’s the progress? Remember that you only has three weeks more.” Joon asked after G.O comes in. “Joonie-ah, can we just stop about the betting?” “Wae? Did you worried that you wouldn’t get her on time?” “No, I just don’t wanna break her heart because…. Because I feel like I’m really in love with her. She’s different from all the girls before.” G.O explained. “But a promise is a promise hyung.” Joon said and leave G.O on the living room alone. G.O just sighed.


‘Ding Dong~’ “The flowers again?” Dahyun asked. Jiahee just nodded with smile curved on her face that morning. “From Byunghee? It’s been three weeks the arrival of the blue flowers every morning. I wonder when did he wakes up. “Jiahee unni, do you really like G.O oppa?” Junghye asked. “I don’t know but he seems trying hard to get close to me.” Jiahee replied while still observing the flowers. “He surely do anything just to get your heart unni. He has another intention. ” Seungmi said slowly. “Did you guys know him?” Jiahee asked. “Yeah, G.O oppa live together with my oppa, Lee Joon and Seungmi’s oppa, Thunder oppa.” Junghye replied while eating her breakfast.

“Does it mean that Seungho also live with them?” Dahyun suddenly comes to the table with them. “Unnie? What? Seungho oppa? Did he tried to get close to you too?” Junghye asked and quickly look at Seungmi. Dahyun and Jiahee seems confused with the two girls. “Yah, do you know anything about Seungho oppa involved in this too?” Junghye asked Seungmi. “Molla. I thought Mireu said it’s only G.O oppa.” “Now what are you guys talking about?” Jiahee couldn’t stand it. She really wanna know what is it. “I.. I don’t know anything! Ask Seungmi!!” Junghye stutter. “Why me? It’s you who said about this. Now you tell them the truth.” Jiahee and Dahyun now look at both of them with a strong gaze. “Ah. Arasso. Unni, the oppas are only betting about the girls. And they will break your heart after a month.” Junghye said everything in just one breath. Dahyun’s eyes widen. She look at Jiahee. Jiahee then throw the flowers and take her car key. “Jiahee! Where do you wanna go?”

:::::::END OF PART 1:::::::

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