Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nu'est (JR & Aron) - 3rd Mini Album Special Spoiler [Lyrics]


[JR]친구 인기 많던 너
말도 못걸었어 내가 why, i don't know
전화번호 나도 갖고싶은데
핸드폰있는데 공간도 비는데
Boom boom 터지겠어 답답해
쿵쿵 어떻게 나 갑갑해
밤마다 잠꼬대 매일 밤 반복해
그쪽으로가도되? 전화번호 따도되?
너무 예뻐 마치 조각상
황금비율 비너스와 너무나 똑같아
외롭지 않게 서로 빛나는 쌍둥자리처럼
나도 그렇게 싶어 너랑 단둘이 같이 hey
[You who were popular amongst your friends,
I couldn’t be able to talk to you, why, I don’t know
I want to have your phone number
I have a cell phone but the memory/space is empty
Boom boom, I think I’ll explode, I’m frustrated.
Bang bang what do I do I’m suffocating
Each night I sleep talk every night I repeat 'Can I go over there? Can I get your number?'
You’re so beautiful like a statue
Like the golden ratio Venus you and she are the same
So you won’t be lonely, like Gemini we’ll shine with each other, I want it to be like that. Just us alone together hey]

[Aron]Listen. Ha! The name’s Aaron, girl, check it yo
That’s spelled with two As if you didn’t know
Anyways, here’s my profile 5’9”
Good-looking Korean dude with a lot of time.
A-ha! I met a lot of girls, got a lot of time
But you’re the first chick that I really wanna make mine
A lot of fish in the sea but ain’t none ever fine
Girl, like a bomb! Boom, boom!
You blew my mind
A lot of dudes get at ya,
I wanna know you the most
Michael Jackson’s superior but I don’t mean to boast
Hot as a summer sage, sweet as French toast
Close my eyes here you are, you Beautiful ghost!

Lyrics - thenuest
Video - pledisnuest

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