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My Forever Mine - Part 2

:: My Forever Mine 2 ::

“Jiahee!! Where do u wanna go?” Dahyun hugged her. “Get a hold of yourself..” she said gently.
“Unni.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you..” Junghye get closer. “Hold on, Jiahee unni, continue dating him.. But please bear in your mind that you’re just acting.. Stop loving him as you know what has he done.. But please don’t show that u already know his trick.. I think I know what to do.. If they wanna play, let us follow their game..” Seungmi said full of confident.
“Annyeong!” Jiahee greats him happily. G.o didn’t answer her, his eyes widen looking at her from head to toe. Yes, he’s mesmerized looking at stunning Jiahee. Looking at him like that, she pokes his arm. “Yeppo!” that word slips from his mouth without he planned. She smile. “By the way, don’t u wanna invite me to your car?” Jiahee asked. “Ah, ne.. Ne.. Come, my beautiful princess” he said and opened the door for her clumsily. “Byunghee-ah~” Jiahee called for him before he could closed her door. “Ne?” “That.. Who are you going to give that flower to?” she teased him. “Flower? Ah, this is for you..” he gave the roses to her.

“So, this is the special place that u wanna show me?” G.o asked. He didn’t have any idea why would she bring him there. “Yeah, come in.. This is the place that I really like..Plus, I really love cooking!” Jiahee said happily while leading him into the bakery.
“I don’t know whether u realize or not, including today, it’s been a month since we first met.” Jiahee said sweetly to him but deep in her heart, she didn’t ready to be hurt yet. She really hopes that he will cancel the betting and tell her that he really in love with her. “Yeah, it’s been a month.. Why is the time moving that fast.. I hope that this day will never come..”G.o said in a low tone. Jiahee can hear it but she acts like she didn’t. “How about we celebrate it? Let us make cupcakes together!” Jiahee pull him with her to the kitchen and they started making cupcakes. They really are having good times together. Both of them forget about the betting for a while.
“Hyung, will they be here? Why am I feels like I’m gonna win this time?” Joon asking Seungho and laughing hard. “Don’t be too confident, I know Byunghee and he will surely come with her..”
“But they’re already late for about half an hour” Thunder continue and Joon just nodded. Seungho stand up and walked out from the cafe. He stay outside. G.o and Jiahee finally show up.

“This is the place that u wanna show me for our a month anniversary?” G.o just smiles bitterly.
“Jiahee, meet my housemates, Lee Joon and Thunder..” G.o introduces her to them both. “So, hyung.. Since u’ve been late, then please don’t drag time anymore.. Tell her the truth..” Joon said while taking a sip of his coffee. G.o can't lift up his face. He holds her hand tightly and slowly released it. “Jiahee-ah.. I’m sorry but the first reason why I’m getting close to u is just because of money.. We’re betting and u’ve been chosen..” G.o said calmly. “Ya, hyung! U’re too gentle.. Sorry noona~ What a bad luck that u’re appear in front him that time.. So now he’s saying that he isn’t really in love with you.. annyong~ U can go now.. U win now hyung..” Joon said and that really making her feels so bad. Feels like her heart being cut with a knife. Her tears fall down. She stand up. “Are you guys having so much fun seeing a girl’s tears? Fine, I’m being dumped today.. and I’m hoping that u guys will realize it one day how it feels like when your heart breaks..” without turning to G.o, she walks away. G.o’s heart aching but he couldn’t do anything at that time. Joon and Thunder looking at each other. No other girls before dare to said anything to them after being dumped.

“Unni, you go wait for Jiahee unni. She must be really down now.” Seungmi said to Dahyun. Dahyun just nodded and walk closer to the cafe. But her step stopped when she see him. He holds Jiahee when she comes out and brings her to his car. Dahyun freeze. “What is this? Am I dreaming? He is saving Jiahee?” Dahyun keeps talking to herself.
“Oppa..” Junghye stopped. “Junghye? What happen to you? Why are you crying?” Joon feels something is not right when his sister called him suddenly. “Oppa.. Could.. Could u come and pick me here?” she stutters. “Ya! What are you doing there alone?” “It’s Mir, he left me here after I’m asking about Seungmi. And you’re rite oppa, I shouldn’t fall for him.. He choose Seungmi over me..” Joon can’t stand it anymore. He go pick her sister and bring her to his house.

“Where’s Cheolyong??” Joon asked after he searched around the house. “Molla.. He said that he has a date..” Thunder replied. “Aish! He really are playing with fire.. I wouldn’t let him go!” Joon kick the table and shouted. “Ya! What’s gotten into you? Get a hold of yourself!” Seungho get closer to Joon.
At that time, ‘Ding Dong~’ “Junghye? Why are you here?” Seungmi asked after coming in together with Mir. Joon clench his fist. “Annyeong hyung~ Did u win the betting?” Mir asked Joon as if he didn’t do anything. Joon turns to Mir. He grab his collar. “Why are you breaking her heart?” Joon asked fiercely. At that time the whole house become silent. “Oppa stop it!” Junghye shouted. She can’t stand it anymore. “It’s not him. It’s me who’s falling for the wrong person.” She said and her tears started to fall again. “It’s not only you Hye, it’s this person who played with your heart. If he didn’t love you, he shouldn’t get close to you and give you hopes at first place." “Same as what you did to Jiahee unni and other girls before right?” Seungmi suddenly voice out. “Ya! You too.. If you know she loves him, why are you still get close to him?” Joon said to Seungmi but Thunder quickly holds his sister and faced Joon. “It’s not her fault if Mir is falling for her.”

Joon and Thunder are exchanging gaze for a while and Seungho immediately holds them both. “Stop this. Let’s settle in a right way.” “Go bring your sister back to Philippines” Joon said and Thunder almost hit him but luckily Seungho was there. “Ya! I said stop it!” Seungho shouted.

“Oppa.. Now you know what it feels like when someone you love are being hurt. I hope that you wouldn’t bet about girls anymore.” Junghye said slowly in front of them all. “Joon hyung, this is just an act. Why would I break the heart of your beloved sister? I know how much you love her and also I’m not that heartless to hurt someone as precious as her.” Mir said calmly while stroked Junghye’s hair. Joon turned to Junghye. He hugged her tightly. “I promise that I will never play with girl’s heart anymore.. You know how much I love you rite? So please don't do this kind of things again..” “Me too.. Joon hyung, mianhe..” Thunder said. Seungmi and Junghye also hugged each other seeing their plan now success. “Can I hugged them too?” Mir asked mischievously.  “Ya!” Thunder and Joon quickly hit his shoulder and all of them laughing. “But.. Byunghee.. Let us help him.” Seungho said to them. “Thunder oppa and Joon oppa, let’s go to our house. You both go and apologize to Jiahee unni. Let’s get them together again.” Seungmi said and Junghye nodded as she agree with Seungmi.
“Ya! Jung Byunghee!” G.O’s shocked. It’s the voice of.. “Jiahee?”
“I’m waiting for you to come and chase for me and said that you really are in love with me but you’re facing this as if nothing you could do.. Do u think that I will know what’s in your heart if you didn’t ever tell me?” Jiahee said and hit his arm gently.

“I love you baby..” G.o said and hugged her tightly. His warm embrace makes her eyes teary. She can’t say anything. “I know I’ve found another half of me when I’m seeing you for the first time and from now on I would never hurt you because you’re in my heart now and forever.”
 “Now we’re done!” Seungmi said happily and pushed Thunder together with her outside of the house. Joon and Junghye also get out of the house. Junghye  can see that Mir still sits on the sofa. She get close to him and push him off the sofa. “Ah~It’s hurt!” Junghye show her tounge and runs. “Ya! I’ll get you!” Mir chase for her. Dahyun smiles seeing them both and slowly leaving too but Seungho grabs her hand. She turns. “The betting.. I didn’t involved with them..” Seungho said. Dahyun nodded. “I know it, but I don’t really care if you’re involved since we have nothing to do with each other.” Seungho released her hand slowly. “Don’t go, you come with Jiahee rite? I’ll leave. You just wait for her here..” Seungho said and leave the house. ‘Ahh~ I’m waiting for him to do more..’ Dahyun sighing alone.
Ding Dong~
Dahyun opens the door. She's shocked. “Yoogeun? What are you doing here?” Cute yoogeun was holding a large card with a lollipop and he gives it to her.

‘Noona~ Can you date my uncle? He’s waiting for you all of this time and he will only wait for you. I would love to go out with you guys together again and again. So please say yes my sweet noona! ♡’ 

Dahyun feels so touch and she holds Yoogeun in her arms. “Where is your uncle Yoogeun-ah?” Yoogeun just pointed to somewhere and Seungho comes with a bouquet of flowers. “So, what is your answer?” Seungho asked her. “Are you bribing Yoogeun?” Seungho laughed and take Yoogeun from her. Yoogeun holds the flowers and give it to Dahyun. We both won’t move anywhere until you say yes. “I will just say yes because Yoogeun is really cute.” Dahyun replied and pinch Yoogeun's cheek. Suddenly she heard somebody clapping. “Yeay! Now we really are done!” Seungmi shouted from far together with Thunder, Joon, Junghye and Mir.
When everybody is walking away, Mir gets Junghye. “Did u really love me? I’ve never seen u cry like that..” Mir asked. Junghye feels an electric shocked with his question. “Molla~” Junghye just run away from him. Mir quickly runs to her. “Hye-ah~ Wait for me!”

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