Monday, January 23, 2012

The Second Option

Finally! The time has come~ Now my another fanfiction will begin. Having hard time choosing the title as usual >.< but yeah. I hope this one sounds okay. 

"The Second Option", just like the title, something will happen when the characters started to have choices and confused about which one should they really choose. Opps! Enough until there. Who will be the choices, who will be choosing and who will left out from this option? Just wait a bit more. ^^

And also as usual, I will stated the name of the characters here. But for now I will just list all the names for the main characters. And the cameo will be added as the story goes on.

Lee Joon
Yang Seungho
Jung Byunghee
Lee Dahyun
Lee Jiahee
Lee Junghye

Okay. Looks like there's so much name here. Lol. Just realized. But its okay since this story is about teachers-students. And want more? Follow my ff later!

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