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Melody Love: Sheet Twenty

Sheet 20: Misunderstanding..

G.O stop walking.. He waited for her to said what she wanted to.. They both silent..
“So, what is it?” Jaejoong come closer and asked her..
“Ne? Ah.. Nothing..” She can’t continue talking..
G.O just smile without alone turning t her.. He continue walking..

Her eyes wouldn’t want to let him go.. She followed his step until he lost from her side.. She really wanna tell him that she is still waiting for him..


“So.. My instinct never failed.. Why wouldn’t u tell the truth? Why would u lie to yourself?” Thunder continue asking her..
“Oppa! What are u talking about?” Seungmi feels uneasy..

“Seungmi, I’m going home now.. Send my regards to Junghye.. Hyung, I go first..” Mir excuse himself seeing the couple like that..
He walked leaving only Seungmi with Thunder there.. Seungmi just sending him with her gaze.. Thunder keep watching her.. 
“Oppa.. Seriously, why are u like this?” Seungmi asked as Mir lost from her side..

“Do u still don’t wanna tell me the truth? All of this time u’re sacrificing for Junghye right? That’s why u always denying that u love him.. And I came at the right time.. So, u’re trying to love me to set them together.. I know Seungmi.. I know everything.. The way u hugged me is not like u’re in love with me.. But I’m glad that u can open your heart to me and love me the way I am..” those words just flowing from his mouth.. Seungmi’s taken aback..

“Wha.. What are u talking about?” she avoided his eyes and denying..

Thunder just smile and hold her shoulders.. He lifted her face.. “My love for you is real Park Seungmi.. In this two years, I know everything about your heart.. I dig it deeply.. Just like how u’re sacrifice for Junghye all of this time, I am willing to sacrifice if u wanna be with him too.. Love isn’t something that should hurt u.. It is something that will makes you start your day and ends your night with a smile and bunches of memories that u will treasure all of your life..” he said.. Calm and sincerely.. Seungmi can’t hold her feelings anymore.. Tears started to fill her eyes..

“I’m ready for everything that u wanna say.. Just said it jagiya..”
She turns back.. Doesn’t wanted he to see her tears anymore.. 
“I’m sorry oppa.. I don’t know that you love me that much.. I regret that I couldn’t hide it from you.. Yes, I am doing this for the sake of Junghye.. We’ve been friends since we both in kindergarten.. From that day, she always protecting me with her boyish attitude.. And that’s why, when I know that she likes him I hold myself from loving him too.. I.. I’m really sorry oppa.. I didn’t mean to lie to u..” she confess..

Thunder come closer and hug her.. “Kwenchana.. I understand your feeling..”
She lifted her face.. Their eyes meet each other.. Thunder wipe her tears.. “Should I let u go from now?” he asked.. She’s shocked.. Her eyes widen.. “Just kidding.. Come, I send you home..” he continued..


‘ding dong’
“I get it~” Thunder said and runs to open the door.. “Junghye?” he feels weird seeing her like that.. Mir who’s keep reading her comic quickly runs to the door after hearing her name..

“Why are u like this?” Mir pulled her inside and take a towel..
“I’m sorry for disturbing you guys this late.. I thought Joonie oppa are here..” She started talking..
“What do u mean?” Thunder asked her..

“I didn’t bring my key when going to do my work at the office this morning.. I tried to call him but he wouldn’t pick up the calls.. I wonder where he is.. And it’s raining heavily so I am thinking of this place..” Junghye explaining..

“Here, take this..” G.O passed a cup of coffee to her.. “It will warm u a bit..” he smile and sit together in front of her..

“But he never comes here after your marriage two days ago..” Seungho said..
“Yeah.. Where could he be? His schedule ends at 6p.m. rite?” G.O continue..
“I think so.. It’s almost 11p.m. now.. It’s weird..” Thunder said..

“U have a cold?” Mir touch her forehead.. She has a fever.. I won’t let him go just like that..” Mir said and stand up.. He wanted to leave..

“Where are u going?” Seungho asked him..
“Searching for him..” He replied shortly and take his shoes..
“Cheolyong-ah, wait for me..” Junghye walked to him..
“It’s raining heavily now.. Junghye needs rest..” Thunder said..
“I can’t let him go alone..” Junghye replied..
“Come, I’ll drive..” Seungho said and take his car key..


“Hyung! Stop!! Isn’t that Joon hyung’s car?” Mir shouted..
“Yeah.. What is he doing here?” G.O replied..

They keep observing his car.. After a while Joon come out with an umbrella and take a girl inside the house.. Mir opens the door and run to him at once.. “Mireu!!” Junghye called him but he just ignore her.. Junghye followed him..

Mir pushed Joon.. ‘Puk!’ He punched Joon’s face.. Joon fall to the ground.. “Cheolyong! Stop it!!” Junghye shouted.. G.O and Thunder immediately come and hold him from hitting Joon..

“What are you doing with her?? Don’t you know that your wife is having a hard time? Is this what she got after sacrifice and marrying you??” Mir said angrily.. He stare at Joon..

“Bringing someone’s wife at this time.. Don’t u think that u’re doing a wrong thing?” Joon replied..

“I’m just helping her.. And what are u gonna say after we’re all see u’re holding your ex’s shoulder and sending her home this late? Aren’t u ashamed? U’re just married for about two days u know?” Mir continue shouting.. Mir looks at her.. “And u too noona.. Why are u keep being with him..?” He asked in high tone.. Junghye quickly slapped him.. “Don’t talk like that to my unnie!”

“Junghye.. Stop it.. It’s all my fault.. He’s innocent..” Dahyun opens her mouth after a while..

“Unnie?” Junghye and all the guys startled..

“It’s not like what u guys think.. I’m asked him to pick me from the railway station since I lost my purse and I just think about him at that time.. So I called him and he said that he is on his way back from his schedule.. Then he bring me to the police station to report about my purse.. And without us knowing, Joon dropped his phone somewhere.. We didn’t do anything..” Dahyun explained..

Suddenly Naz comes out.. “The voice that I heard just now are from here? What are you guys doing? Come inside.. It’s raining.. All of u will get a cold..” She said.. But all the people there just stay still..
“Dahyun, what happened?” she asked..

‘achhooo!’ Mir looked at Junghye.. “Naz noona, take her inside.. She’s got a cold..” Mir said and bring Junghye to Naz..
“All of u too.. Please come inside..” she said and take Junghye inside the house..

“Mir, apologize to him..” Seungho said..
Joon and Mir staring at each other.. “I wouldn’t let u go if u make her cry..” Mir said to him..
He then turns to Dahyun..
“Noona, u know how much I love her right? It’s hard to let her go.. Please don’t do this anymore..” He said.. Seungho comes and pushed Mir.. “Stop it.. Didn’t she explained everything just now? Why are u being so stubborn?” Seungho said facing him..

“Enough.. Mir, come inside..” G.O pulled Mir inside the house and left them.. Thunder followed him..

Joon look at Seungho.. “Thanks.. I’m going now..” Joon said and get inside his car..
Seungho then hold Dahyun’s hand.. “Didn’t I said that I’m gonna be your ears? I would do anything for u? Why doesn’t u turn to me? Why are u only thinking of him? It’s time for u to let him go..” he said..

Dahyun look into his eyes.. “Bring me somewhere..” she said to him.. They exchanged gaze..
Seungho take her to his car.. “Don’t complain later.. U asked me to bring you somewhere..” he said and started driving..


“Thanks for everything unnie..” Junghye said after changed her clothes..
“Kwenchana.. U can stay here for tonight.. I hope that Joon will come pick u up tomorrow..” Naz said..

“And if he didn’t, I’ll do something..” Mir continue..
“Ya! Don’t u have enough? It’s just a misunderstanding.. We’ve been together for two years.. Don’t u know Joon well? He’s not that type of guy..” G.O replied..

“Yeah Mireu.. Let them learn how to be a good partner.. It so soon.. Give them time to know each other and prepare for a long term relationship..” Naz continued..

“I think it’s time for us to go home.. Thanks noona..” Thunder excuse himself..
“Junghye, call me if something is wrong.. I go first..” Mir said and followed Thunder..
“Well, I think I should go too.. Thanks..” G.O said and slowly walked to the door..

As he approach the door, “Wait!” Naz shouted.. “Could u guys go first? I have something to talk to him..” Naz said to Thunder and Mir..
Thunder just smile and nodded.. They both left only the two of them in front of the house..

G.O just wait for her.. He stay silent.. She look at him.. “I can’t be with him..” she said and hugged G.O..
“What do u mean?” he asked..

“I am trying but I can’t.. I can’t forget u.. I even hoping that u will take me and asked him to cancel our marriage on our wedding day.. I wanna be with you.. But u seems to not knowing what is in my heart..” she said.. And tears come together with her confession..
G.O lifted her face up.. “I’m sorry..” he said and walked away leaving her alone.. Naz kneeling on the ground..

To Be Continued..

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