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The Second Option - Class 12


“Kyaaaaaa~ What should I do?? Should I answer it? Dahyunnieeee!” Jiahee rushed into Dahyun’s room. It’s maybe just a simple phone call from G.O but she doesn’t know why she feels nervous and don’t know what to do. She wants to answer but she just can’t talk to him directly.

“Why?” Dahyun puzzled.

“This! Please answer it for me??” Jiahee hands her phone to Dahyun.

“G.O?” Dahyun asked her back after take a look at the phone screen. Jiahee’s nodded and her face full of hope. “Why me?” Dahyun’s voice a bit high. “Hyunie pleaseeee? Just once?” Dahyun just can’t say no anymore upon seeing Jiahee’s puppy eyes. “Aigoo.. Arasso..”


“Ne. Yeobseyo. Is this Jiahee?”

“I..” Dahyun looks at Jiahee. Jiahee just nodded. Ask her to just say yes. “I.. no.. I am Dahyun. Wait I’ll pass the phone to Jiahee.” Dahyun quickly put the phone to Jiahee’s ear and she giggled. Jiahee hits Dahyun’s arm.

“Jiahee?” on the other side still calm waiting for Jiahee to answer.

“Ne.. I am.. What is it?” Jiahee managed to control her voice and her hand still holding Dahyun’s arm.

“Am I disturbing you? I’m sorry.. I will call you later.” He said because Jiahee’s taking time to reply him.

“No.. No you’re not. I’m the one who should apologize.” She can hear G.O’s chuckled on the other side.

“Okay, this seems awkward. I just hope that we can talk comfortably just like out texts before.”

“Sorry..” Jiahee apologize again.

“Please stop. There will be more space between us if you keep saying sorry for everything. And I won’t let it be.”

“I’ll try too.. So, what is it?” Jiahee seems more comfortable now.

“Actually.. I don’t know how to say this but do you remember that I’ve once asked you out and you asked me to set the date.. So, are you free tomorrow nite?”

“Me? I.. Just us?” Jiahee wanted to make sure.

“What if just the two of us?” he tries.

Jiahee looks at Dahyun. Hoping for an answer. “What? Just say yes~” Dahyun whispers.

“Dahyun wouldn’t let me go alone so I should bring her together. Can I?” Jiahee replied and Dahyun widened her eyes. Jiahee covered Dahyun’s mouth to avoid her from saying anything.

“Well, if that’s the case then I’ll bring my Seungho too~” he replied.

After apologizing him, Jiahee agree to go out having dinner with him tomorrow nite.

“Ya! What are you doing? That will be a great date for you both!” Dahyun voice out.

“Hyunnie.. I still didn’t know him well and that will be really awkward if I’m going just with him.. So you and Seungho will be something in between when I don’t know what to do or say.” Jiahee explain while smiling wide to make Dahyun agree with her plan.

“So you’re saying that we both are just things for you guys to talk about? Well, if that will make you happy then I can’t say anything more.. But I think I’m the one that will be left with Seungho tomorrow.” Dahyun sighed.

“Don’t worry.. I know you.. No matter how long you will be with him, I can guarantee that you know about what will you talk and do with him..” Jiahee teased her. Dahyun wanted to hit her but Jiahee quickly runs far from her.

“And Miss Dahyun, don’t forget 8 p.m tomorrow. You need to help me with the dress tomorrow, arasso?” Jiahee shouted from the door.

“Yes, mam~ Everything for you.. Now go and sleep.. You sure need enough sleep tonight to avoid eye bag for your first unofficial date with him rite?” Dahyun showing naughty face to her. Jiahee move closer and Dahyun covers her face with a photo frame in her hand.

“Dahyun?” Jiahee’s voice a bit low.


“You’re holding this photo form the beginning?” Jiahee’s eyes still locked on the photo. Dahyun’s then realized that Jiahee has found it out. She quickly throws the frame into the box on her bed. “No, I’m just cleaning my room.. You know..” she tries to find an excuse but her eyes tells different.

“It’s okay Hyunnie.. I know it takes time.. Don’t hide it from me..” Jiahee hold her shoulders.

“I.. I’m just missing him.. But don’t worry.. I’ll be okay..” Dahyun smiles.


“He has such a nice voice but I wonder why doesn’t he wait for me..” Junghye talked alone. Minhyun’s voice that evening still replaying inside her. She suddenly remembers about the gift that her student gave her this morning.

‘Wait, Minhyun comes with an apple. So who gave me this chocolate? If he was to see me then why would he put that chocolate from the beginning? And Baekho! How did he know about this chocolate?’

Junghye recalls back what happen that evening after Joon left her.

‘Where is Minhyun? I thought he’s gonna wait for me?’ Junghye wanders around the room. ‘Maybe he’ll come back. I’ll wait for a while then..’

“Annyeong?” someone is there.

“Minhyun?” Junghye asked and walked to the front door.

“Ah, miss.. Why are you still here?” he asked.

“It’s you.. No, I’m waiting for someone. And you?” Junghye replied.

“Me? I’m taking this.” He shows a Biology text book to her. “Ren forgot his so I come back to take it for him.”

“What a good friend you are.. By the way, have you seen Minhyun somewhere?” Junghye asked him.

“Well.. No actually.. He is the first one to come out from the class after the bell rang. And when I see this room was still open, I thought he was here that’s why I stopped by. So you’re waiting for him?”

“I don’t know whether he’ll come back or not.” Junghye looked around.

“I know him.. If he’ll come back, he will leave his bag and his music sheets here. If not then he already has left.” Baekho replied while walking to the piano.

“So I think he already left?” Junghye said while they both looking at the piano. Baekho then nodded.

“Will you be okay by yourself Miss?” Baekho asked, worried about her since its already late and seems like nobody else beside them is there.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be okay.” Junghye replied while taking her files and bag. But suddenly the light goes off! Junghye’s shocked and she screamed a bit but she quickly covers her mouth.

“Miss Junghye? I don’t think you will be okay alone like this.. Let me help you.” Baekho comes in again and searched for Junghye in the dark. “I.. I’m here..” Junghye’s giving signal so that Baekho will find the direction to her.

“I got you.” He holds her hand tightly and leads her out of the room. She just followed him silently. That time he doesn’t look like a student but more like a man who can do anything to protect a girl.

“This room needs to be lock right? Give me the keys. I’ll do it.” Junghye hands the key to him and just stand beside him.

“Okay, done!”

“Thanks.. I don’t know if I can do all of this without you here.” Junghye replied.

“It’s just a responsibility. I can’t just leave you alone when I know that you need help.” Baekho replied back.

“Baekho..” she calls him. She actually searched for his arms to hold to.

“Are you scared? I will be here until everything is okay. Come follow me.” He holds her hand again and he leads her once again.

“Okay, now we’re here!” Baekho happily said when they both arrived at the front gate.
“I shouldn’t show this side of me.. I am the one who should protect you..” Junghye said.

Baekho look into her eyes with a smile. “I’ve said it before.. No matter what age you’re in but you’re still a girl. And as a boy I should protect you. Don’t ever think that it’s a trouble to me anymore. I will be at guilt if I just leave you alone.”

“Well, okay.. I am thanking you as a normal girl, not a teacher.. So you can go back home now.. It’s becoming late now..” Junghye smiles.

“No.. I said that I will be with you until everything is okay. Still, you’re not safe now because its look like it will rain in a bit. May I walk you home?” Junghye can’t believe that he still don’t wanna let her go alone. She widens her eyes. “Well don’t think of me as a student. Think of me as a normal boy okay noona?”

She knows that she can’t get away. She just agree to let him send her home. Just like what Baekho said before, the rain pours on their way back. Because of the rain, Baekho dragged Junghye with him. They both took shelter under a tree.

“Miss.. Take this..” Baekho touched Junghye’s shoulder and gave his jacket to her.

“Thanks but I don’t need this..” Junghye rejects and turned around.

“You need to wear this because your blouse is wet and this can cover.” He said and put the jacket on Junghye. Now she got his point. Because her clothes are all wet then the trace of her inner clothes will be visible. Without turning to Baekho she thanked him and holds the jacket. The rain then stopped and they walked together until they reached at Junghye’s house.

“Thanks again for everything..” Junghye said gives the jacket back to Baekho.

“My pleasure.. Maybe you can repay me by giving me the highest mark on the exam?” he teased.

“Never!” they both laughed.

“I think I better go now.. Don’t forget to eat the chocolate because it will help with your mood. No more moody days..” Baekho said before walked away.

“Wait! Chocolate? What?” Junghye puzzled.

“You didn’t get it? No.. Nothing.. I will buy you chocolate then.. Take care noona! Bye~” Baekho replied and runs.

“Wait.. Did he give me the chocolate? Now I can’t see him as a student anymore..”

To be continued..

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